How could Susan Boyle lose?

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by KGB_resident, Jun 1, 2009.

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  4. There are some political components

  5. Nothing political at all


    The story has many sides. Here I would like to concentrate on very serious matters - on multiculturalism, polit-correctness, racism, politically motivated decisions and so on.

    Official results are irrelevant. From my point of view Susan won and won long ago. So why these ... don't remember ... street jumpers ... Diveinthecity were declared winners?

    Was it a politically motivated decision?
  2. Who cares?
  3. not me :roll: ...move on
  4. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    I've been arrsing about on this site for years, but I've rarely seen a dafter post! I thought at first that this shows much more about Russian attitudes towards such things than those in the UK, IMHO.

    After a few seconds consideration, however, it's clear that this is an attempt by the Russians to show that they aren't the only ones doing this sort of crap - with reference to the shameful banning of the anti-Putin song in the recent Eurovision (which was blatant political interference).

    Grow up, Ivan - we don't do that sort of stuff here, the Gubbmint isn't that organised (although I wouldn't have put it past the BBC). What it does show is that the demographic of those willing to waste £1 on a phone-in vote to make Simon Cowell even wealthier is more likely to be young scrotes (mainly female) who like 'street dance' rather than those who like ugly sweaty-sock warblers.
  5. Who? Lose what?
  6. She had learning difficulties. General conduct was on the weird side. Flashing her big fat legs as she left the stage. Short temper in public.
    She would never have lasted if she had won with all the attendant publicity and a lot of money invested would have gone down the drain.
    The organisers had a duty to fix things so that she never got past the first hurdle. Now she is in a Clinic For The Bewildered.
  7. It seems to me that you are simply don't understand my point. Ms.Boyle is no more than a cause to discuss matters I have outlined.

    There is no specific 'Russian' attitude. Each human being has own views and it hardly depends on the ethnical background.

    Apparently the anti-Putin song was not allowed for political reasons. It was made by the organisers likely asked about it by official Moscow. It is a good example and it could be discussed here.

    I don't speak about the HM Government. Maybe and likely it is not involved. But politically motivated dicision could be made on other levels.

    Those who vote at Eurovision make mainly politically (not aesthetically) motivated decision.

    It tells much about many things.
  8. Now, I'd like to state firmly that I have never watched this programme and anyone that says that I did will be on the receiving end of a law suit ;-)

    Anyway, the reason that this woman lost was because of the fickle nature of the great unwashed British public. Two months back, you couldn't look in a paper or see a website without her frightening mug staring back. Demi Moore was waffling on about her and the President of the USA was talking about this deeply unattractive 47 year old virgin.....Two months though, is way beyond the attention span of the UK population, and more than enough time for the press to build her up and knock her down.

    It is more a damning statement on the disposibility of our "fly on the wall" culture, than anything else.
  9. As much as our Government wishes everyone to be equal, equality just doesn't work. Give someone something that they haven't either earned or slogged their guts out for and they just won't appreciate it and as such it therefore has no further value.

    Secondly, with all the recent phone-in results scandals I can't beleive that a program maker would wish to risk another scandal.

    Thirdly, a commodity is only as valuable as what people are prepared to pay for it, with this value being set, or adjusted, by consumer demand or perceived consumer demand.

    So in short the public had had a titts full of the fecking ugly bint and just wanted to see the fecking back of her. So no, I don't believe that there was any political motivation behind the result.
  10. Me neither.
  11. YesItsMe

    YesItsMe LE Good Egg (charities)

    Thirded. :nod:
  12. I'm with you Guru, never watched the prog, and never will. They tell me it's entertainment. Who in thier right mind would pay to go see this shite.More money in Cowell's pocket. Piers Moron, what does he know about entertainment. IMHO.

  13. Err she wasn't the best act on the night

    Move along, nothing to see here (Apart from a one off album and some low key performances) she'll pay her mortgage off, if she has one

    Just need the same number of people to vote in the upcoming europeans..............................
  14. "My drug hell...." etc. Yawn.
  15. A proper, rockstar style meltdown no less.

    Snatched from her palatial London hotel by the police and bundled into the back of an ambulance to be rushed to the laughing academy with a police escort while singing West End hits and pausing only to shout 'Diversity my arrse. They're all fekkin black.'