How corrupt is REME soldier wing?

Discussion in 'REME' started by gardenknomeandbucket, Nov 18, 2008.

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  1. A can of worms i hear you say!!!

    Do they do 'favours'?

    what is the policy for speaking to them?

    Can i as a full screw really phone directly?

    I cant see the problem with it! :oops: is it using your inititive?

    Has anyone had any joy from speaking directly?

    Flowers or chocolates? :? What do they prefer??
  2. Flowers or chocolates? :? What do they prefer - human sacrifice is what i've heard
  3. Nah, anyone can contact Sldr Wing now :D
  4. useful for fishing.

    back scratches all round.

    remember your talking to gods.

    yes, but remember to lower your gaze and speak in a worshipful tone.

    you get a double ration of inititive by being a follower of St Eligius.

    after talking to one you know you have been blessed.

    hard liqour or hard porn will get you more attention.

    ..............i hope this helps.
  5. Beer or cash
  6. No, as a ful screw you shouldn't. Its as much for your own protection as anything else, plus it may undermine the chain of command. Get you OC or in his absence the ASM to call on your behalf - if he is dragging his feet keep pestering him.

    May be worth having a chat with a REME Bn RCMO to get the lay of the land and the facts.

    On the topic I think REME MCM Soldier wing is giving particularly shite service at the moment and I am taking it up with RHQ this week so any recent horrow stories are welcome.
  7. Regardless of rank, anyone can now phone sldr wing. Besides, as a screw im suprised at you asking the question, i would have just done it anyhoo
  8. Really I am pretty convinced that Col MCM Div has directed his staff to deal with the Chain of Command except in extreme cases. Believe me you do not want to deal with these ******* on your own - they will manipulate you and promise you the world.

    If you get fucked over after having dealt with them yourself you will have no top cover. If you f&%k over your current unit because you dealt with them yourself then you could be in the shit.
  9. a mate of mine has been AGAI'd for it recently!!! He only phoned to see if he was able to apply for an E2 post
  10. Exactly my point. And before everyone starts going thats not fair it will have been for something along the lines of "undermining the operational capability of the unit".
  11. "No-wah":

    Do they do anything for Stabs?
  12. In 22 years and after countless direct phone calls, subversive phone calls, covert phone calls, nepotistic phone calls, bribes, blackmails and every other persuasive technique short of water boarding..... I got jack diddly squat from those sanctimonious, cantankerous w*ank wipes that drive desks, ruin careers, ruin marriages and drive good men into civvy strasse in their droves.
    Give it up mate. Smile and keep banging your head against the bazooka plate
  13. ST2B, no they do nowt directly for stabs. TA&Reserves MCM wing (or whatever its called after the latest make-over) deal with all TA cap badges and refer to the specific cap badge management wing if specialist advice is needed.
  14. To be fair unless you've been there you cannot comment on how good REME Sldr Wing are. If all 10,000 REME personnel could ring at anytime how are they supposed to cope with career courses, assignments and YOUR promotion.

    What a stupid thread! Use YOUR CoC, that's what it's there manage YOUR career. I have had no problems with Sldr Wing of late, in fact they get better and better.

    It's the same with everything, if you go at things with attitude then expect attitude back! If you're reasonable and polite you will usually get what you are after, however, not everyone can be posted to the North of England, then again...who wants to be LOL
  15. Raveydavey = civvy working at REME Sldr Wing (known as MCM something or other to us mere mortals)