How cool is this!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by tiny_lewis, Jan 29, 2012.

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  1. Some very good shots of near space on the vid!!
  2. That is pretty damn cool!
  3. Zed - if we can solve the directional control problem, we have a potential combined hiding-and-transportation device for our little friend.

    How much helium does a 4st "load" require?
  4. Photoshop spoof. It would have looked like my ex-wife's minge on re-entry.
  5. That's cool!

    I guess that lego man can now call other lego men "hats" now as well!
  6. Er, right. You know that O2 tag, you don't have to live by it ;-)
  7. But,'s how I was brought up, years of practice, and I paid £2.50 for the laquered lapel badge.
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  8. fuck thats ace!!
  9. I came up with a similar idea when I was eight, unfortunately my pocket money didn't stretch to enough fairground helium balloons to lift my baby brother, I put it down now as a partial sucess as the noose very nearly did the trick. He's still a right little cunt and I suspect my mum now regrets wasting my arse and not giving me the five shillings I'd asked her for.
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