How convenient was that.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Resurgam, Oct 4, 2006.

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  1. Of Course his diary is set for months ahead

  2. Not sure it might be

  3. very unlikely

  4. You must be dreaming they rushed him out to take off the heat!

  1. Just seen that Charles, Prince of Wales has visited Selly Oak Hospital and the military within.

    Bearing in mind recent excitement on the Military Hospitals and dire provision for the forces, how convenient was that?
  2. Unlike Blair and his cronies, Chaz probably gives a dam about the troops and their welfare.
  3. Hi Guys. My first post. At least HRH has served and his brother did his bit in Falklands. If his sons do what they say and serve in operational areas, he will be just another parent who should have our support and best wishes. Good on him (and the boys).
  4. He is a "bloody nice bloke" and has alot to do with the forces. But this is just too convenient!
  5. Welcome MM

    I can't see how Charles could have changed his itinery at such short notice (usually only happens for national and international tragedies, doesn't it), it must have been on the books all along.
  6. Who really cares? I mean, if he has rushed over there to take off the heat then at least something IS being done?!!!!!

    So - where is the problem? I'd rather Charles visited me then ANY politician!!!

  7. I'll second that one.
  8. Thirded...and not a horse in sight! :wink:
  9. I seem to remember that HRH is hardly the most popular individual with the Labour party for repeated intervening in places they wish he wouldn't as he is always showing them up.

    I would hazard a guess that this has been on the cards for sometime if only due to the security clearances that have to be conducted in advance of any Royal Visit.

    Even if it is more than convienient at least he is doing it, and it must be said that this is not his first visit to RCDM. Pity Teflon Tony and his Cronies didn't follow HRH's lead.

    Well done HRH and well done also as the father of two serving sons.
  10. Well done for the adultry, lying, scheming and numerous idiotic blunders one of your son reguarly makes too.

    But yes I must agree he is anti Labour so thinking about it, it's unlikely he would do anything to help them. Unless of course, his time to become King is nearing and he needs them on side.

    But then again he's of such character I am sure that he would never be as fickle as to do what the establishment want?????????

    He's not one of my favourites - you may guess.
  11. I can imagine the conversation.....

    Charles: And did one er..........end up in here?

    Trooper Snooks: I got shot Sir

    Charles: Really? and did it feel er.......

    Trooper Snooks: Not as bad as being shafted up the arrse by the Government over Military Hospital closures, Sir

    Charles: Well, must dash, er........polo......plants.......Duchy of
  12. Your joking aren't you.

    He's down to earth as shy1t. One of his comments that will stick with me was a question posed to a friend.

    "So how did your boss come by a wounding in the back side?"
  13. Nice to know HRH wasn't harrassed by any passing Muslims in the hospital - but then security would have been on the ball for him!
  14. Yes I am joking. At least he got off his arrse and visited the lads, more than can be said for the figure 11s from Whitehall.
  15. Lets hope he uses the opportunity to voice some of our concerns.

    Having the future King making the point is going to cause a lot more embarrassment to Bliar and his cronies than we are in the short term.

    Charles can be a bit of an oddball at times but I believe that he genuinely does care about the welfare of his troops (as CiC of The Parachute Regiment) and I'm sure that their treatment will be of genuine importance to him.

    It may have been a knee jerk reaction visit but I doubt it.