how comes OR dont get decent mess kit

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by SONOFHOMER, Dec 19, 2007.

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  1. i only bring this up as it has never usually been a problem but recently i have been asked to go to a mate in the Raf'S wedding he would like as many of his friends in the military to turn up in uniforn (mess dress mainly) and medals but my no.2s are pishh thinking a dinner suit instead with regi tie but seems a shame.

    what are the views of people on here is a good or mess dress a solution or some kind of smart walking out uniform like they had in the days of old?
  2. You wouldn't want to fork out for mess dress as an OR. It's not cheap, and you'd never wear it, so what's the point?
  3. You want an expensive piece of kit issued and tailored to you because you wear it how often and how much spare money has the Army got sloshing around for this jolly?

    Rent it if you're that desperate.
  4. P.S.

    Mess dress at a wedding?

    How classy.

    Why not blues?
  5. Turn up in 95's with your medals on


    With bulled up LOWA's
  6. Turn up in mess tin order with your medals pinned to your chest 8O

    Will highly polished toenails of course. :)
  7. Well if he's a crab...

    Turn up in long blue PT shorts with the red v neck PT vest, green rolled down socks and black issued road slappers. Bulled.

    With medals and a 1000 yard stare.... :D

    Jobs a good'un
  8. No 1 Dress... Pi$$ the Crabs off!
  9. If you were really keen to pull a bird at the wedding you'd tip up in a North face jacket, Crag Hopper shorts, KSBboots with an M4 on your back.

    Oh and a baseball cap.

    Dear them, Sorry for bubbling you!
  10. Do you mean Mess Dress for the evening do, at which black tie has been specified?

    Or do you mean something smart for the church bit?

    If the latter, and you have a bit of time, ask your Q nicely to get you No1 Dress on loan through the system and you'll look the mutt's.

  11. You could try a cooperative friendly SNCO and change the rank badge for the day or have a look on e-bay.

    Just for the record, SNCO's and WO's have to purchase Mess Kit personally. Officers get it paid for them under the heading "officers are required to entertain" or similar old buggery bollox!!!
  12. I have a JNCO in mess dress but, as the extract above from JSP 336 states, it is discouraged. I agree with FluffyBunny, wear blues!

    Officers don't get it paid for!! Regular army officers get a clothing allowance, with which they buy mess kit. TA officers get a clothing allowance with which they may put towards their mess kit. It is significantly less, but TA mess kit costs the same amount (if not more in some cases). I think I could probably buy one sleeve of my mess kit with what I'll be given.
  13. Wear Blues! Blues make you look the mutts.

    As an old WO2 said to me: "If you can't pull in that lad, you're a cunt"
  14. When I got my allowance, it was £ 54 toward the purchase of Service Dress, Mess Dress, blue Gunner pullover and Barrack Dress.

    There is a maintenance grant of approx £ 13 per year for the upkeep of your kit, bearing in mind you get one pair of shoes, brown issued for life. Any others are at your own expense.

    The Gunner Mess kit is about £ 800 new as I recall, but can be obtained s/h, as can Service Dress. The ladies' Gunner mess Kit is £ 1,600 or thereabouts, and is very rare on the "pre-owned" circuit.
  15. seems that the majority prefer blues must admit there has been some constructive comments and some odd ones thanks all and your right i wouldnt want to pay for any mess uniform no matter how much it makes you look the nuts.