How come!


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Where did the comments above the Avatar come from?
I think Suits u means....

You have big daddy or something on yours he was referring to what is on his, i may be wrong but thats how interpreted the post :D

Edited to add he beat me to it :lol:
Its the new site setting that you were playing with a few weeks ago GoodCO
THhey're there as default as the names of the ranks - ie what medals you have. I must have chopped them in the old themes to save space.
Humphh!...I don't like the "old" bit above my pert youthful bottom!

In general..does it reflect quantity, rather than quality posting?
On IE with the worksafe (white) theme. The descriptions of the medals only appear when you hold your mouse over the medals.


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Good CO,

Many thanks, thats all cleared up then.