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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by madeinuk, Sep 5, 2006.

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  1. How come if your keen, you generally enjoy being in the corps, you like your job, you try not to whine (too much), your respectful etc You normally end up in a shit posting with no future whilst fat, lazy, whining oxygen thief's get the posting, tours, course's and adventure training you would give your balls for then have the gall to moan that they have been shat on?

    Just some thing I have wanted to get off my chest for a while.
  2. thats the way of life my dear, or so it seems i hear the same thing wk in week out with my boys
  3. Have you volunteered for Ops or Adventurous training, applied for courses or filled in a Posting Preference Proforma?
  4. Have volunteered for 12 Ops, 2 x Adventure Training, 4 x Courses and not only done numerous PPPs am currently in debate with the RCMO. And these are all in under 1 year.

    Volunteers need not apply! :?

    Now I sound like a whiner .......
  5. You said it yourself. Whinger. :)

    Unfortunately the grass is not always green on the other side mate.
  6. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    The other side being a :
  7. Life in the Corps will never be one long adventure. At some point you will find yourself in what you consider to be the doldrums, and the posting wont be all you imagined it to be.

    Fat, lazy, whinging oxygen thieves exist in every unit in the Corps. If you are all the things you claim to be, it shouldnt be difficult for you to stand out amongst the crowd. If all you are going to do is whine about it, your no better.

    Keep putting in for the courses. These days, most courses are over subscribed and it may take some time to get on the courses you want, or more to the point, the courses that are going to have a positive impact on your career.

    If you havent had the opportunity to attend adventrous training, or if there isnt any being organised, volunteer to organise it or assist. It doesnt have to be all the bangs and whistles, a few days trekking or canoeing if you cant find the time for a full week.

    Use what you view as being disadvantaged to your advantage. Stand out, change things and reap the benefits. Your arguement and oppinion as it stands is flawed.
  8. My how the Corps has changed.

    Not so very long ago organizing Adv training and the like was a complete waste of time as you would never be able to get enough voluenteers to fill the spaces.

    This was not just the guys in the block even getting seniors to "give up" a couple of days to supervise (not train as sourcing qualified people was never a real problem) was a nightmare.

    As a bit of free (and worth every penny) advice to the OP I would say try getting on one of the more obscure type of courses, paragliding or Mapreading instructor as these are normally (or used to be) under subscribed and once your CoC get into the habit of Okaying your courses it seems to get easier to get on the next one.

    oh and do make 100% sure that the time you need away from your normal job is available before putting your name down.
  9. Steven, greeting from near the equator - I seem to recall that having a matronly courses clerk with huge chesticles was a positive incentive to climb the 69 steps to the Trg Wing on the spurious justification of applying for ANY course going.
  10. :D That might have been one of the reasons :wink:
  11. it seems to me that a course in oragami is needed cause throughout the corps is a big deal in not giving a damn, maybe the corps needs an influx of new blood, but maybe it will always be "i had to put up with it , so , will you all"
  12. 12 Ops in a year, fcuk me thats good going, didnt even realise there were that many going on. I feel for ya mate, i'm stuck in a shithole static post doing fcuk all and watching all my mates deploy. Although i've never seen anybody sent on tour who wasn't capable of doing the job they were sent for. Maybe you should look at why they aren't sending you rather than why they're sending the guys you think are unsuitable.
  13. Just out of interest madeinuk, how long have you been in the corps, how old are you and what rank are you? As these three factors may have huge implications affecting whether you get certain courses and Op tours.
  14. volounteer for trawls... i did and had a blinder with an inf regt on tour. i was deployed within three months of asking, be prepared for a driving job or anything else no one fancies though
  15. Yeah they're looking for guys to do top cover at the moment. Live the dream.