How come the Good Guys never get to the Top?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by shagnasty, Oct 1, 2007.

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  1. From Attilla the Hun, and probably before, how come the good guys never get to the top?

    Throughout history it seems the 'baddies' are always in charge. In recent times we've had Adolf, Uncle Joe, Mao, Pol Pot, Saddam, Mugabe, The Burmese Generals, Cooky Kim, Putin....the list seems endless.

    Anybody out there know of a good guy who ever reached the top?

    ps: No! I won't accept any nominations from the Blair family. 8O
  2. It's that old 'Power corrupts' thing I think. I'm sure Hitler and Pol Pot were nice folk when they were kids, probably liked sharing with others. Once you stick a proverbial crown on their heads, bang goes 6 million jews and a couple of million Cambodians.

    As a side note, you missed Bush and Bliar off that list.
  3. God! think hes a good guy
  4. Power corrupts, and unltimate power corrupts ultimatly, as they say.

    However, the only thing more corrupting than having loads power, is having non at all. They may start out nice but I bet everyone of the worlds leaders would have shot their own mothers and dry bummed their fathers if it would have got in office just a day earler.
  5. That Gandhi fellow seemed ok apart from wearing a nappy and dodgy looking glasses and having no hair and being anorexic.
  6. The good/bad thing is all a bit subjective.There are plenty around the world who view our western civilisation and leaders as the manifestation of satan on earth!All depends on what end of the incoming you are on I guess.
  7. Perfect opportunity to plug my book, but I shant [​IMG]
  8. I think you are being harsh on Adolf, I saw a prog on UKTV History- 'Inside the mind of Adolf Hitler' or something. Turns out that he wasn't evil at all, he was just mis-understood.
  9. Alfred the Great
    Richard 1
    Edward 1
    Edward 3
    Henry V
    Elizabeth 1
    Duke of Wellington
    Winston Churchill

    Not everyones choice perhaps, but they were better than the people they were fighting, and they won.
  10. I accept, and I raise you General Sir Richard Dannatt, as a good guy at the top.
  11. You missed out Margaret Thatcher.
  12. Margaret Thatcher :lol:

  13. You beat me to it. I think after he's served his time he should stand to take over god when he retires. Finally somebody who is more interested in the lads than his Seniors opinions!
  14. Aren't you confusing good generalship with being a good politician? Richard I spent a grand total of one year in England and never learnt English (the Norman and Plantagenet kings generally didn't). Richard, Edward and Elizabeth were great leaders but also particularly ruthless. Wellington was a brilliant general but a hugely unpopular Prime Minister whose government lasted just two years.
  15. Pope John XXIII (1958-1963), Pope Paul VI (1963 - 1978) and Pope John Paul I (1978).