How come Rincewind is asking for lots of Money?

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Rincewind, Apr 13, 2006.

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  1. All,

    Just thought I would spend a few minutes telling you about my cadet unit.

    now some will yawn, some will call out "space cadets" and some will rant that Cadets are worse than useless.

    For me, my cadets are like my extended family, they are 10 - 12 for the juniors and 12 - 18 for the cadets.

    Were possibly THE furthest Sea Cadet Unit from Water and 98 miles from the Sea.

    Of the cadets who come, only 2 are from a "stable home environment", we give them something to do, something to achieve and we keep them from mugging old ladies and sniffing glue.

    I give two nights a week and weekends and my work time (when i should be working) to my unit freely. I don’t get paid.

    We do get funding from the MOD, indirectly, and in tiny amounts. We stay open because people like you give money to keep us open. last year we almost went into liquidation, the year before we almost went into liquidation. Our financial position is always precarious because the sad truth is the parents/guardians of the cadets don’t care - their apathy will be our downfall.

    But silly people like me are sometimes willing - with inspiration from guys like you :) - to do very silly things or put on events so you fantastic few can have a laugh and pledge some money.

    At the moment we are trying to buy a newer minibus, ours blew its engine, we have a donor engine from an ambulance and the local college have fitted it, but it wont last. We cant tow the boat (2000Kg Train weight) so we cant do training afloat. the Kids loose out on funding because funding is awarded to units that perform better in the 6 areas around the country. we are marked down at our annual inspections because of the lack of water borne training - its a vicious circle.

    So I would like to take a moment to say thank you.

    Thank you for your pledges, thank you for coming to the crawl (in advance), thank you for your tollerance and thank you for being the great fantastic people you are who make up the armed services and thier support community!

  2. I've paid! How many cadets do I get for my money?
  3. How much have you been pledged?
  4. Bump.

    If I slip you another fiver, do I get "two for the price of one"?
  5. Rincewind,

    Good on you for your efforts. I have seen at first hand the benefits (and the difficulties) of working with 'challenging' young people. It really can turn lives around and make decent people out of chavs.

    A couple of questions if you don't mind.

    Did you do the charity walk, or did the crash put paid to it?

    Have you tried to bid for funding from any of the local sources? There are more about than most people think. Mrs Jim does this almost on a weekly basis.

    Please feel free to reply by PM if you think it's more appropriate.
  6. Two charity walks on horizon, theres the 12km effort on the 23rd April in Drag :) and then the West Highland Way TBC... in planning stages atm.

    Would welcome any advice Lucky Jim, the UMC (unit management comittee) does try to raise funds from local sources but think they have just about exhausted local businesses. (half the problem with our UMC is they are too busy, and come up with all these ideas but expect us to raise all the money - the UMC is there to do that, but the sad fact is its me in Sainsbury's tomorrow bag packing on my day off to raise money)

    Thanks again and no Dale, you would only break them and that would not be right.

  7. £180 on Arrse
    £80 on Rum Ration
    £30 on Rear Party

    and about £60 at work so far, but next week i am going to make sure everyone in my office (300 ppl) see the sponsor form that is currently on reception :)

    I am hoping some of the 1000+ people who log in daily will pledge something no matter how small once the pics are posted purely for the comical value

  8. Is that the best we can do. Of all the thousands of regular Arrsers on this site, they will only scrape up £180 between them!! Shame on you all!!
  9. Everyone else is sponsoring me !!!

    Check out my sig block
  10. I think it's a fantastic cause and here's my tuppence worth.

    Next time you walk down the street and the nasty little chav with his hands in his pockets and his baseball cap pulled down so far all he can see is his own feet does the subtle shoulder slap into you know this, on a Tuesday and a Thursday night in Chesterfield Rince is giving a few of the chav would be a beasting. I'd pay to see them slap shoulders with a few of the kids in his unit. :)

    The Sea Cadet Corp teaches respect for others and for themselves.
    It challenges kids to challenge themselves.
    It gives teenagers positive male role models.
    It creates pride in citizenship.
    It trains young men and young women about the expectations in naval life.
    Cadets are a team, not a gang.
    They are strong and give what they are given back.
    They work better in school and in society thanks to their training.
    They know respect of rank and of their elders.

    The Sea Cadet Corp needs more funding. Chesterfield Sea Cadet Corp needs your funding.

    Anyone see their way to pledging a couple of pounds? Just think if every person reading this did just that...... Why not? PM Rincewind and make a Big Hairy Fairy happy.

    Beebs x

    PS Yes I am copying this into the other thread as well. Yes and onto the other boards... ;)
  11. Never mind the Arthritis mate, I'd get someone to look at those black eyes.
  12. You get the ones with the ASBOs.
  13. Rincewind meet Ling, Ling; Rincewind.

    Rincewind needs a new minibus to save the world, or a part of it. Ling this is a promotional opportunity that will improve your standing immeasurably. Good promotion leads to increased business.

    Come on Ling. It's all about the children.
  14. Oh, forgot to mention Ling. I'm sure Rincewind will be happy with lots of "Trust me, I am Ling" advertising all over the bus.
  15. Yes we will be happy with that.

    Ling, i am all ears :)