how come i cant see my recent postings

how come on the previous topics list there is no history of all my posts.

How am i going to keep up to date with what contributions others could have made to my comments.
Is you click on search, then put your name in where the author slot is, you can keep track of all the topics you have contirbuted too, if any one has added recent comments then the subject will at the top of the list.

hope this helps
On the button Brian. That function appears to have gone for me as well.

If it has been deliberately removed could the CO's consider putting it back as it was an easy way of checking responses to previous posts?


Glad to help
Spotted this earlier and PM'd GCO with question about where this function has gone and if it will be retruned.
It's not something we've turned off. We had to do yet another site software upgrade the night before last and it obviously bit the dust / karked it / got smoked / snuffed it in the process. I will look at it, although there are still quite a few other bits and pieces pending so it may not be instantly.

Thanks for pointing it out though.
Under the last 10 topics on any user's profile you now have a link to al posts.

It has highlighted a couple of peculiarities in that the last 10 doesn't always show 10, and any code in posts is seen 'raw' when you look at the summaries and I'll look at this now.

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