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How close?

Scale looks odd: look at the a/c, and the lines on the tarmac front left: if not an R/C model, I'd look long and hard for photoshop evidence.... (edit - I favour model - those wheels look slightly odd/out of scale...)
The Distance between the Wingtip and the Ground is about the Width of a frog`s Pubic hair ...... Photoshopped - and not very well :D
A couple of giveaways (IMHO) on this one...

As point out already the black mark on the left of the runway is a filled expansion joint... probably a .5 inch width.

Secondly the plane is casting a shadow on the ground as though it's illuminated from back left (and low). The sunlight on the fuselage tells of a light source to the right.
Once I flew a harrier upside down so low I put scratchmarks on the cockpit bubble. Yeah. Unfortunately no-one had a camera and they said I shouldn't do it again.

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