How Close To The Dream?

had the grandson over..[ age 5 ] he announced that he wants to be a bus driving astronaut when he gets big..I suspect he'll land closer to the first part of his dream more than the second and probably end up depressed an alcolholic bored to tears driving the same route every day putting up with anonymous, obnoxious smelly stuipid folk rotting up his bus til retirement..nothing ever is as glamourous as it first appears.. I guess..

Does a kid wake up one morning and say: I want to be a proctologist! I get to help people live healthy fulfilling lives, make sh!tloads[ ha!] of money and get to stick my finger up people's butts all day ! "

Other than MDN who is living out his perverted fantasy in the basement, how many of you came close to what you thought as a kid ?

Even in my most GI Joe moment, I found out that instead of punching out bad guys, I was spending more time punching out holes in triplicate forms, and could field strip a stapler better than a C-7...

Even today, I'm nowhere near what I wanted as a 6 year old..

Tony Blair ever wake up in kindergarten and say.. I want to be Prime Minister of Great Britain..and regretting it now? [ bet he'd rather be the bus driver on route 6 -at least he'd know where he's going ]

Can it be that only plastic surgeons who get to play with movie stars boobs are the only ones 'living the dream?'
I want to be a princess, apparently they have a posting for one in Catterick but I'm yet to find it.
I'm living the adult dream of most GPs. Not in the NHS anyway.
nope, not even close. how dull is my life! I got excited yesterday as I received my monitor shelf so that it would now conform to DSE regs....... monging
I'm doing quite well. I haven't taken the route I thought I'd take to get there, but I'm still doing what I wanted to do.

The only self-criticism would be that some things are happening sooner than expected while others are taking slightly longer.

Being gorgeous helps, of course.
booboo said:
I want to be a princess, apparently they have a posting for one in Catterick but I'm yet to find it.
Did you not hear that they've moved it to Chez the_matelot???
Well have hit 30 and boobs aren't sagging yet, guess i can't complain too much! As for work didn't quite make it to an economist, but hey never too late right..........
RABC said:
I always wanted a cowboy outfit - now I'm working for one.
I wanted to be Margret Thatcher when I was 6, Not to run the country but so I could ask Norman Lamont to trim his eyebrows.. In some ways I'm glad I've moved on from those days.
I wanted to be a copper from like age 14 to 20, then changed my mind and am joining the army aged 21. When I was about 6 though, I wanted to be an astronaut or something, and a scientist. I liked science back then, and space.
When I was just a little one I thought my dad was great - so I wanted to be an accountant just like him (I was good at mental arithmetic, but that's it).
Then I grew up.
Next dream was armed forces, that got ruined
So no, the dream is well and truely dead, I'm going to die lonely and alone in a grotty bedsit drinking cheap whisky and occasionally accosting people on the street to regail them with my tales of my time in 49 para.
Interesting Forks. I wanted to be an astronaut/scientist when I grew out of my Priminister phase. Have since spent 8 years playing with satellites. Almost, almost... Dull as fcuk though, am considering joining the Regs like the rest of the tiger family.
When I was about 15 I wanted to become a corrupt politician. I quickly put an end to that when the careers advisor informed me that politics and law were so closely linked that I would have to get a degree in law to enter such a profession.

Cut to four years later; I start University in less than a week to study Law.....
Blasted said:
I can't ever remember as a kid wanting to work in an office full of goons.
Ditto....but after too many pints (over four years at college) - together with the associated kebabs - I discovered I had mutated into a fat the civil service seemed the logical solution to feed my habit, rather than go through all that RCB/RMAS stuff (which had been a dream for sometime previously...) :(

That said, the "goons" can be unintentionally funny (sometimes!)
I always wanted to be a soldier (or a marine biologist, strangely) but didn't like the idea of leaving behind the then Mrs Morty. Then I got to 25 and realised i'd forever think meanly of myself for not having been one if I didn't do it pronto.

If I don't make the grade for the Army, I'd like to be a trawler fisherman.

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