How close to Adolf are you?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sebcoe, May 14, 2012.

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  1. With all this shite the has happened over the past few weeks....and beyond, such as Pensioners being beaten up beyond recognition in their own homes, the paedo Muslamics from rochdale, the bloke who gouged his birds eyes out, gypos who litter the UK with trespass, theivery and other shite that is the "Gypsy way" last years riots, scumbag Immegrunts etc, etc

    I am starting to think that with all this shite in the world Adolf may have had a point, so with all this shite going on how close to Adolf are you getting?

    This not about being a Nazi or supporting such organisations but feck me something needs to be done...but isnt!
  2. Do you sing "Wir kommen nach England" to your pigeons?
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  3. [​IMG]
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  4. Control immigration... mutter mutter... bring back national service... bloody yoofs of today etc etc....

    Incidentally i dont remember it being like this when i was a kid, all of about 16 years ago. Must be something theyve added to the water. In England though, we dont have these problems in Gods Country.
  5. I know some say that Adolf would have had the right idea what to do with the likes of the Rochdale Muslim nonces. I have to disagree here. My grandfathers serves against the Nazis. I served against the Nazis. **** that shit!

    Vlad the Impaler had the right idea how to deal with the *******!!!

    Adolf was a wishy washy piss wet do-gooder in comparison. I mean National Socialist German Workers Party. Take two words out of that and you have the name of a bunch of unwashed hippies, students and junkies who have never known a day's work in their lives.

  6. Given that he's on a bus are you sure it's not this bloke?

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  7. Herr Hitler on his hols in Blackpool.
  8. This country has gone down the path that is contrary to Darwins Theory of Evolution,,ie the survival of the fittest ( mentally,physically and psychologically),,,,instead of creating not so much a super race but a sensible race we are in the process of creating a race of mindless, i'm alright jack,direspectful,cos i'm worth it,cheating,lying subhumans and unless drastic action is taken soon we will see the rise of serious vigilante'ism complete with the consequences that will bring,you can be sure of one thing tho,,,,the bleeding heart liberal lefties will never cure the problem,what we need is a serious right wing government who is prepared to treat the scum for what they are Subhuman.
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  9. That sort of thinking is sooooooooo last Century.
  10. So was Adolf,,,but he at least tried his best......
  11. Unfortunatlely there isnt a government, party or realistic organisation that hasnt got the balance of not being limp wristed but not carrying out mass genocide, (except for the arrse community mabye, but even that, from what ive seen in the short time ive been part of this wonderful community, needs to be refined somewhat)

    Although, should such a party emerge one day, they can count on my vote, assuming they go the democratic way as opposed to simply taking control and dealing with the shit we wish the current ******* would take care of.
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  12. Yep. Because living under an extreme right wing gvmt would be loads better than things are right now......
  13. ...and look how that turned out. (Which was my point, BTW).
  14. The trains would run on time.
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