How clean is your Gaff.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Biscuits_AB, Sep 23, 2005.

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  1. I preseume that some of you have watched this programme. What a bunch of dirty b*stards. It's just came on BFBS about 2 minutes ago. Some soap dodging Jock cow. Cat sh*te all over the kitchen.

    How the f*ck can these people live like that? And to go on national TV...........beggars belief.
  2. Being a copper I go into lots of peoples houses for various reasons and there are some truly bogging individuals out there. More than one time Ive wiped my feet on the way out.
  3. My house is like a building site at the moment but the finished bits are clean. Well the bits where I don't go and the dogs don't bother with are clean anyway.
  4. These people aren't even embarrassed that they live like pigs. Where do they find them?
  5. Yeah my gaff´s a right tip fcuking Military shite everywhere!
  6. Seen a couple of them, both houses were beyond minging - one guy was a Fisherman, never washed, they took samples from underneath his fingernails and there were all sorts of gunk and nasties under there... how he was still standing.

    The other was this mad mad woman, let her pet birds fly free in her front room - it was covered in droppings - everywhere!
  7. Can someone help!! The builders have just recently left and I have cleaned and cleaned and each time I finish another film of dust seems to have settled again. I couldnt possibly leave it to build up and I am now tired of cleaning! ! !
  8. Only if you pay me well.
  9. Move out... or buy a cat and stick it in the tumble dryer to charge it with static. Hey presto, all the dust sticks to the cat. Now instaed of cleaning your house, just hose down the cat.
  10. ..... Or you could quit your whinging and continue cleaning it up :wink:
  11. Hey thanks AB but I took CR advice and stopped whinging and got on with the job in hand!! And now I cant stop sneezing pmsl - any advice for that?? LOL
  12. Oh yes......(PM me :wink: )
  13. Never mind the painters and decorators will be in soon... :lol: