How clean are you?


I only scored 63% my god that makes me sound like a skip rat whichI assure you I aint! my dad used to inspect our bedrooms each week, Stand by your beds! I think I must be rebelling now, well thats my excuse and Im sticking to it
My missus is terrible in this regard. I went into the kitchen this morning and the sink was full of dirty dishes. I had to have a p1ss in the garden.
I only scored a disapointing 73% Clean, but who knew that the rule about waiting to rob someones chair in the pub affected how clean you are?
Have i missed something all these years, whats the 5 second rule?

oh and im 70 per cent clean my mother would be so proud..


77% but my other half doesn't believe it.

scotlass, the 5 second rule is if a foodstuff falls on the floor it's perfectly acceptable to eat it if you pick it up within 5 seconds. Guess it depends if the dog gets there first.
Thanx _kat_ i just let the kids and the dog fight it out amongst themselves.


73%. But I must admit that when it said "...How often do you clean..." I took it as meaning "...How often does your wife..."

But that counts, dunnit?
77%-I too didn't have a clue what the 5 second rule was.
73% - seems to be a popular score thus far. It strikes me that anything more strays into the realms of OCD. fcuking mingers.
80% you rotters but don't know what the 5 second rule is


73% why did i even bother doind that quiz?


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Er, is 47% good?
Well you are nearly half way there Biped....and could someone tell me why im spending the first day of my holidays doing this stupid quiz......on second thoughts dont bother..

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