How can your life be complete without one of these ......

Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by Bad CO, Mar 28, 2006.

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  1. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

  2. Oh my fcuking god! 8O

    Saw a great mug in Germany a few years back,

    Haben Sie noch Sex oder Golfen Sie schon?

    Do you still have sex or are you already playing golf?

    Sums it up for me really.

    Golf balls...
  3. You have got to be kidding £9.00 for a sleeve of three Macgregor DX's with a logo

    You can get Titliest NXT Tours for about £6.00 for a sleeve of three

    or a sleeve of Pro V1's for about the same Price £9.00

    Come on guys have a word
  4. Hi Scouse

    Many thanks for the feedback.

    The Golf Balls are meant to have a large degree of, ‘novelty factor’, about them. The balls themselves cost and so does the printing of the ARRSE logo.

    We will have a word with the company that has supplied us and see if we can get the prices down.

    How much would you charge??


    Ex Booty
  5. Hi Again Scouse

    OK just had a word with our supplier and explained the situation. He has reduced his price and so have we. I hope the new price is a little more palatable? (see Once again please bear in mind that this idea is aimed as a novelty gift not a serious golfing accessory.

    We were contemplating doing DPM ones but could get anyone to print them for us!

    Ex Booty
  6. Booty
    Heres a price on a 12 pack for the balls with no logo £6.99 + £5 postage = £11.99 in total works out at 0.99p per ball

    I would by them at the new price as a present for someone (novelty factor) but not to use as my personal choice of ball just because the price is to high for a regular golfer.Now if you could change the Ball to a major Ball brand say a Titleist Callaway Hogan or Nike I would pay for the extra novelty factor and use them myself.

    You asked me what I would charge that really depends on the cost I was getting the ball at and the printing charge.

    The New Price of £7.00 is an improvement still works out at £2.33 per ball which I have to say is much better than £3.00 per ball

    They do get a good review though

    More Info


    * The ultimate explosive distance ball from MacGregor.

    * 2 Piece construction.

    * Titanium core for explosive distance and a durable cover to prevent scuffing and cutting.

    * One of the best sellers of 2004!

    fantastic ball for a budget ball,they go so long and straight cannot think of a better ball to hit when you have not been playing very long.thanks dg for a great ball.
    Reviewer Rating (out of five):3

    These balls are FANTASTIC,so long and straight,helped me to break 90 again!!!!!!! I will definately be stocking up.Budget price 1st class performance.
    Reviewer Rating (out of five):5

    Great ball,used in cheap ball ever use every week.good distance,good feel on greens
    Reviewer Rating (out of five):3

    Currently testing a range of cheap balls at the moment, these are a good buy at the price. For golfers seeking a ball with durability and a solid feel...look no further.
    Reviewer Rating (out of five):4

    Bought these last week and i must say for the price there are a superb ball, great distance and feel around the greens!
    Reviewer Rating (out of five):5

    Hope I didn't cause you to much trouble

  7. My Bold

    If you did you would of been onto a profit there.

    1 ball in the rough, how long to find a DPM ball.
  8. Hi Again Scouse

    No problem at all! Without feedback no business is going to succeed, so many thanks.