how can you tell a Labour politician is lying?


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...his lips move.

so it would appear that slimy cnut Vaz has been well and truly caught this time - whats the betting he just tries to brazen it out? and have any of the spineless tw**s in his own party got the backbone to tell him to do the right thing?

and another thing - this has been all over the web since this morning, on several newspaper websites, and yet not a peep on the BBC's news site. I wonder why??
His or her mouth is opening and closing? Is that the answer?

PS: Everywhere in the media, but NOT on the government propaganda service - the BBC. Why?

Would it be because it might be racist?

Could it be that it might offend 'Stalin'?

Following IMMEDIATELY behind the repellent Hain, (maybe first equal), this man (Vaz) is so awful as to defy description.


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The problem with Vaz is that he is a Law officer.

It's a bit like putting a fox in charge of the chicken shed.

There's too many legal bods in Parliament anyway and I reckon that creates a conflict of interest constitutionally.
This reptile's 'career' has been nothing but a torrent of sleaze, most of it revolving around abusing his position as a PC commissar to get things for his buddies (or himself). Ideally this time would be one too many, but we all know that won't be the case.

As a side note, he is also married to a 'human rights lawyer'. That's another non-job that gets my goat.