How can you "lose" 77 children from a single care home??

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, May 6, 2009.

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  1. Quite easily if you are the London borough of Hillingdon it seems. Incredible

    Revealed: 77 trafficked Chinese children lost by home

    "Organised criminal gangs have exploited a children's home beside Heathrow airport for the systematic trafficking of Chinese children to work in prostitution and the drugs trade across Britain, a secret immigration document reveals.

    The intelligence report from the Border and Immigration Agency, obtained by the Guardian, shows how a 59-bed local authority block has been used as a clearing house for a trade in children that stretches across four continents.

    At least 77 Chinese children have gone missing since March 2006 from the home, operated by the London borough of Hillingdon.

    Only four have been found. Two girls returned after a year of exploitation in brothels in the Midlands. One was pregnant while the other had been surgically fitted with a contraceptive device in her arm. Others are coerced with physical threats to work as street-sellers of counterfeit goods. It is thought that many work in cannabis farms.

    The report, marked "restricted", reveals that victims of a trafficking network that has agents based as far apart as China, Brazil, Japan, Malaysia and Kenya arrive at the home just outside the airport perimeter, only to disappear almost immediately.

    It states: "The absconding may be at the facilitation of organised crime groups and the children may then be exploited for financial gain."

    The home secretary, Jacqui Smith, is facing calls from the opposition to explain how the home came to be exploited by traffickers. "This report appears to highlight a scandalous situation in our immigration system," said the shadow home secretary, Chris Grayling. "To have such a large number of children going missing when they are supposed to be in care is unacceptable. We need an urgent explanation from the home secretary."

    No doubt lessons will be......... oh b0llocks they never will.
  2. If the kids all look the same, who's going to notice?
  3. So can someone explain to me how a child can just "walk" out of one of these institutions?

    If they arrive on their OWN on a flight, with no real reason for coming here, there should be simple remedy.

    1. Put on next flight home.

    If they must stay here, they should be accomodated in a secure childrens home, where they don't get to just mince out of the front door. Move them away from the Airport stat, to a random home, somewhere in the country.

    This isn't rocket science.
  4. how the f*ck do you lose 77 kids its not like they're tent pegs?! i swear the country is going to shit, mind u if they're immigrants atleast we're not paying for them now hey?
  5. Old news. At least ten years ago this was a big problem with West African children disappearing from care homes in the countryside after arriving unaccompanied. They were told before they came here what would happen, when they got to the care home, they just followed their instructions and walked out, met their UK 'greeters' and vanished.
    As for previous replies, if it was as simple as "put on next plane home" do you not think that's what would happen (and not just children but all illegals)? FFS.
  6. How is it not that hard? I know it doesn't work but....

    Perhaps we should start targetting know "illegal immigrant access points" and put UK customs/borders people in situ. Fcuk 'em off before they even get on the flight.

    I think (but correct me if I am wrong) we can already turn them straight around from EU nations. And even in Russia they were ready to deny boarding to a few non-British Nationals we had in our group who were without visas, on one occaision.

    It shouldn't be that hard.

    If the kids DO have a visa, then it should stipulate "must be accompanied by adult" both in AND out of the country. With a clear Identity for the adult to escort them in and out.

    Or a clear instruction "child is to be met by ............" where the child home borders agency doesn't realese them until that adult arrives IN PERSON, to collect child.