How can you find out a persons address?

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by carlbcfc, Jan 17, 2010.

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  1. I suspect my ex mrs has returned to the UK after working abroad for 2 years. While there, she done a dissapearing act with my oldest.

    How could I trace her now I suspect she is back in Birmingham?
  2. Advert in paper trying to trace Mrs X due to being a benefactor in a will. no claim, gov will get etc
  3. Electoral roll - easy!!

    It does cost a minimum fee but easy if they're registered.
  4. will often help.
  5. not usually free but its where most debt collection agents start.
  6. Cheers.

    How long would it take for them to turn up on the electoral role if they came back late December?
  7. Fcuk me that 192 is good. It pulled her previous address before she moved, and has my lads surname listed as something else?? Can she change his name if im on the birth certificate?
  8. .
  9. search facebook and the other social sites you`d be suprised how many people put info on them
  10. I found her through facebook under her new married name. I have part of her family onside although they do not speak to her, and do not know where she is.

    I sent a message on facebok as it seemed after the recent changes to the site I was able to access her wall to do a bit of spying. She obviously then locked the all, but I can still access the photos, so i do not want to push her too far on there as the photos can be useful.

    When I first went on it game me the old address, I then registered and it was blanked out! How can I get it to appear again?
  11. dont contact her and keep your approaches quiet. Let her settle down, patience is the best weapon.

    try PIPL on the net.

    wait for her to make a mistake. Fathers for justice can help out immensly.
  12. Just don't forget your posting all this on a public forum.

    Good luck with finding her though.
  13. Yes, im taking the gentle approach as she will not expect it.
    I figured the more info I amass, the harder it is for her to dissapear again.

    This 192, does one address take one credit?

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