How can the Regulars support the TA with cost reduction?

In light of the recent financial streamlining of the Territorial Army, does anyone know whether consideration was given to changing the T&C’s for the Regular Force? In the proposals listed below, I would estimate significant savings – possibly more than stopping the TA from training.

1. Half a days pay for late starts on Monday and early finishes on the Friday.

2. C1 Training for Wednesday ‘sports’ afternoons.

3. If stood down for the weekend and not either deployed or on exercise, nil days pay.

I know this is a direct dig at our Regular brethren, and it is frankly unrealistic.

I guess in civi street we see this sort of short-term strategic blundering demonstrated through redundancies and restructure, which are never truly measured to understand the total effect. The Regular Army prides itself on strategic thinking and sound planning, yet the decisions taken demonstrate a lack of the 7 questions and consultation with the TA. Then again, maybe these Senior Military Officers responsible are just developing there potential for a job in civi street as a Captain of Industry.


Perhaps they did consult the TA grown ups and they just rolled over?




Your post is utter bollocks; just a half hearted rehash of many other similar, and equally pointless, posts on earlier threads.

Hope that helps.

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