How can i ?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by deano1986, Oct 12, 2009.

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  1. any tips on how i can get out of the Army because i hate it ?
  2. death works well
  3. take drugs and get caught/admit it. Instant discharge
  4. Why do you hate it?
  5. On your next pre-deployment package get a few wets in you, put one up the spout and stick 1 x barrel in your gob until someone finds you, take it out of your mouth say you'll do it again first chance you get and your somewhat on your way to magical civvy street where there are (at the minute) opportunities a plenty and pots of gold at the end of every street,

    Or take a bit of leaf off this lad .. if your not a wind up your a f*cking disgrace
  6. I'm no expert and have no experience of army life yet but i have loads of friends who have been in the army and their biggest regret is leaving.
  7. Deano I'm sure you were one of the lads who was on here during the joining up phase, have you even finished training yet? Stick it through...
  8. wannabe-rifleman everyone I know is the same my cousin earns £45k a year as a general honda manager and would go back tomorrow if he didn't have a family etc.

    Although deano, reni is right on civvy street there is a rainbow on every street corner and the lepricorns are just handing out money. I've been told you can net £100k a year selling big issue right now but it's once in a lifetime opportunity and you have to take up the offer right now!

    but seriously haven't you just joined? If your still in basic I'm sure it's meant to be tough. Stick with it and give it a chance. I wouldn't bother going for a discharge under misuse of drugs, or running around cross eyed licking windows as this would mean one thing for you on civvy street DOLE OFFICE with the rest of the leeches!

    Give us a bit more info and someone may come up with a sensible answer.
  9. Just walk out the front gates and don't go back. Easy!
  10. Sign, off and fook off. Are the bigger boys picking on you?
  11. Fcuk me, you only got to Battalion in July.
  12. HA HA HA! lol !

    Im usually sympathetic, but for crying out loud! fucks sake! lol

    Right, your not the first one to want to leave because "You hate it". Grow a set, and settle in until your 4 yrs are up, then sign off.

    It gets better in time. If your having a rough time, call The Samaritans, Speak to the padre, visit the WRVS lady. If your in Germany, there is a SAAFA helpline I think, It should be posted in the entrance to the church, which should be unlocked, and you can sit in there when you want some peace and quiet.

    Fucks sake dont bottle whatever it is up. Dont post the problem online for sympathy, because not many people with give it to you. Speak to your troopy if its really really bad, That 21 yr old has been on a special course on how to help you with whatever it is.

    If all else fails, march up to your ssm and have a cry. He will get shot of you rapido.
  13. You hate it? why on earth did u stay on during training then you should have opted out in your 28 day window, can you still buy yourself out anyone? if so do that because if you in Afgan and your fellow troops know you dont want to be there then they know your not going to watch thier backs as best you could your just thinking about yourself. pay back the money the army trained you with and flick off..........
  14. A fine grasp of the English language :roll:

    I think you are talking about PVR here. I believe anyone joining after 1991 isn't able to do this, so back to the drawing board