How can I switch off battery warning light

I need to turn off a permanently lit battery warning light on a new style Corsa. It is my wife's car, and my daughter needs to take her test in it tomorrow. My Wife says it has been checked during servicing but not fixed - there is no actual battery problem known. Wife says the light has been on ever since she had the car.
Daughter cannot take the test if a warning light is showing, apparently.
Anyone know if this can be one as a matter of urgency. Just to add, I am pretty mechanically inept.
I may resort to one of those, but without good advice it may end up having tragic consequences. Probably end up disconnecting the brakes or something.
See if you can reach the fitting at the back of the dashboard, give it a good tug to pull it out and away (not too hard, mind) so the light can't be seen from the front and the job's a good un. You can always shove it back in later if you feel it's necessary.
Sounds like a fucked alternator. The battery light indicates that the battery is not charging properly, whether that be due to a u/s alternator, or a dead cell in the battery not allowing it to charge properly. You need a load test done on the battery, and the alternator's output tested.

Some modern cars have "intelligent" charging systems, which will put the warning lamp on if the alternator is charging too much, as well as not enough/not at all. This can sometimes be temporarily cured by lobbing the battery on a charger.

However, it's a Vauxhall - SCRAP IT.
The best thing you can do is get a MAC....they just work don't you know.

In all seriousness though, take the bulb out for the test, and then take the thing to a garage as Ordinaryforces says. Warning lights are there for a reason and if its on, its trying to tell you something and its not that it sees dead people.
I don't think taping up the examiner until he gives in will secure a pass.

The battery warning light normally forms part of the charging circuit and removing it might stop charging. If it's been starting and running without the need for a slave / bump start, it must be charging. Needs sorting properly.

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