how can i stop my bird whining?

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by ONEptsJOE, Feb 18, 2009.

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  1. since i come back, my bird hasnt stopped moaning at me and its doing my head in. Her dad died about 3weeks ago n last night i said to her she needs to get herself together and pack in all this crying about it. I told her shes 17 and she should be able todeal with this stuff. She got so mental when I said that, i had to kick her out my house she was doin my head in so bad. any advise?
  2. Yes, you are nob and require death as the antidote.

    Your post is constructed on lies and trying to read what you have written makes my eyes bleed.
  3. Oh Whining!... sorry....
  4. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    More like waaahhhhhhhing
  5. yer whining.
  6. Yeah, what a bitch! :roll:
  7. its not a fuuking wah, yer? its a serious question. Im off to brize an I dont want my bird whining at me on the phoneevery night, do a?
  8. Break up. Move on.
  9. She's 17? Thats sailing a bit close to the wind. Have you always preferred girls to women?
  10. make her see how stupid she's being for whining but dont do by yelling or telling her off. state the obvious, eg alright so ur whing for what etc ? then if that dont work swap it. if it was her what would she put up with it. she'll realise that she's being a brat. well hopefully the more u yell or like that, she gonna just dig her heels in lol xxgd luck and sorry bout ur dad x
  11. No mate dont to do that, introduce her to ****.
  12. I think you're girlfriend deserves better than you and should wise up and leave you! What an insensitive TW*T you are! Clearly you've never had to deal with any real trouble in your own life! Grow up!
  13. BZZ have an officer (Wing Commander) who deals with such matters. Go and see him, and a speedy resolution will be found.
  14. If this isn't a Wah (and I hope not...I fall for them so often!!) then my advice would be to break up with her. Harsh? Possibly, but it would appear that you don't understand why she might be upset, why it might be taking a while for her to learn how to deal with this (she is only 17 - ffs at 35 it took me longer than 3 weeks to come to terms with my grandfathers death and unfortunately I am only too used to funerals, etc), why she might need/want your support...etc.

    If you don't want her whining at you then I suggest you either learn how to talk with her calmly and supportively about this or you split up with her. It sounds as though you are the one who needs to learn a few things.....

    (and before you ask, I am actually in a great mood:) )
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  15. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Personally, I'd dig her dad up, plonk him on the sofa next to her, and then tell her she's got her dad back so if she moans again, you'll smash her around the face with a bottle.

    Sound good?