how can I prevent myself from Blinking?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by nodigitsever, Sep 28, 2007.

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  1. as I will need to do so won't I as it is a distraction from my Driving surely?

    in reality, it takes me the same time to glance at my ciggie to light it as the time taken to blink

    Please explain why Blinking is not a distraction yet lighting a ciggie is someone?

    is there perhaps a clinic somewhere for us "Blinkaholics" where I can have treatment for this terrible affliction that constantly distracts me from full and constant concentration on the Road ahead?

    comments if you will Please

  2. You're an idiot.
  3. How old are you?, I used to blink like a telegraphist on piece time until aged 15 (when I joined up) and suddenly it just stopped.
  4. Why is this twoddle in Current Affairs?
  5. Speechless,I'm fcuking speechless
  6. Has the site recently changed its membership policy?

    Is there something on the registration form that says 'click to join if you have an IQ less than the number of fingers you have'.

    'Confirm membership by eating your own shit and ramming a pencil in your eye'.

    'Congratulations. You are now a sub-human menatlist and are the funniest person on the internet. Please post utter dribble at every occasion on the internet and especially, ARRSE'.

    Has Broadmoor and Rampton taken over the running of our server?
  7. I don't know, it makes a change from his usual posts about how immigrants/gays/muslims/stray poodles have attacked and robbed him/his entire family/all of his neighbours/his cat.

    I am pleased to see that he's expanding his range, but I still don't know how he can type without any digits. Does he have a head-dobber?
  8. It relates to the fact that most the mass media have mis-interpreted the advice published in the new highway code that suggests that a variety of activities performed while driving may break your concentration while driving

    Nowhere does the highway code say smoking fags while driving is now illegal.......but a nice knee jerk type reaction for or against is all the fools want

    I have no idea why I pay a TV license fee so I can be fed shoite by a bunch of agenda ridden no marks

  9. (No shit, trigger. I think we sort of knew why he posted it......after all, there has been 20 seperate threads on the subject so far)
  10. Not read any of nodigitsveres posts, I'll take your word that he's a throbber
  11. Shouldn't you cnuts be in a pub watching rugby

  12. Whos playing?
  13. Albania / Yemen

  14. Why would we want to watch that football match? :?
  15. Here is the cure for your blinking:

    First you need a mate with a steady hand and a bottle of vodka. Drink vodka and get him to cut off your eyelids with a stanley blade. Alernatively a cheaper method would be to superglue your eyelids.

    Hope this has helped