How can I make the TA sound cool?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by bibo_boy, May 26, 2006.

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  1. Need to do a bit of work on a "promotions" tip and wondered if there are any known methods of making the organisation "Street Wise"

    Will the kids ever think of the TA as something they just have to join?
  2. Tell them they get to do sh*t like out of Grand Theft Auto & you'll have them cueing round the block ;)
  3. Tell em they get to shoot pistols twisted over sideways, and that landrovers are to be fitted with chrome wheel spinners?

    Oh, you wanted serious answers? Sorry, no one in the office can think of anything.
  4. wear hoodies, tracksuits and cheap jewellery on your recruiting stand. Hand out free fags and alcopops.
  5. Just tell them its a drinking club and you explore the more glamorous areas of England like... er... Catterick..... Otterburn.... F@~k it just tell them you get paid sh!! loads and the chicks dig a uniform ????
  6. put on a display using stolen land rovers pulling doughnuts in the car park of the local shopping mall or a pedestrian precint
  7. Explain that the muckiest birds are attracted to the TA (inf in particular for some reason, even tho they aren't allowed to play)...
  8. Don't bother trying to make the TA sound cool!
    Make the Army sound cool as it is (not heard of One Army Recruiting yet?) - hit the streets with good looking kit, smart confident soldiers and loud up today music (my guys had a boogie box with the local popular music radio station playing) and then engage the younger generation in general conversation.
    One of my teams did this recently the JNCO's present actively got out in the town and spoke to the groups of kids just chilling on the streets the effects were quiet unexpected - you engage them at their level and they actually apprecaite it and talk to you - talk at them or attempt to be the big 'I am' and forget it you are on a looser!

    Good luck mate

  9. Selling the TA is easy, just highlight what a recruit can get out of the TA and it practically sells itself.

    Things to mention in no particular order:

    Pay per day
    A recruit can make aprox £2000 in their first year if they commit themselves
    Tell them about basic training
    Tell them about all the trades available in your unit and the training involved
    Tell them about guns, weapons sell
    Tell them that the army will pay for all their drivers licenses and pay them to take lessons
    Tell the students that they can't get called up while their in full time education
    Tell the non students that they can't be called up until they’ve completed training, which can take between 1-2yrs
    Tell them about intelligent mobilization
    Tell them about all the fun weekends you’ve had
    Tell them about success stories “Pte X trained to become a army medic and used that training to become a medic on civvy street earning ££££”
    Tell them about the social side and the price of beer in the bar
    Tell them about the opportunities to travel the world

    I spent most of last week speaking to the public about the above, roughly I would say I had about 40 people interested enough to let me try and sell the idea to them, and about 10 have walked through the door so far.

    Not a bad result.
  10. Seriously, the use of shooters always has an appeal to young'uns :D

    It's lack of information that turns people away from TA/Regular Army. It was the case when I was younger; and certainly the average kid on the street knows nothing about the Army apart from what they see on the news. You really need to lok at the local schools in your area and organise visits, look-at-life days etc to develop interest.

    *edit for mlaaaaring*
  11. Tell them that stevie the pioneer failed CIC, most people wanna get one up on him lol!
  12. lol That's really awful - that belongs in the naafi...
  13. to be honest with ya, kids aint interested anymore. i work in a college and also did a bit of work on R4M a little while back, most of the kids nowadays are interested in growing their hair, smoking pot and learning to play the guitar, most are anti iraq war and so see soldiers as the enemy and then on the other side of the coin you have the solcial reprebates with their peaked caps, white socks and track suit bottoms who couldnt give a to@* they want to live off the dole like their parents and brother/sister, trust me the youth of today is a lost cause, guess we have to wait for the next generation to hit their teens
  14. Sorry, my bad, couldnt resist
  15. Slates, go stand in a corner & have a word with yourself.