How can i keep new rechy mechs interested?

Discussion in 'REME' started by silly_suntan, Jan 6, 2007.

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  1. I can not think of a more worrying situation than a 19 year old who thinks that all CFN should do his bidding as he knows best because he is fresh out of the factory. But then again he is a tech will work in a group of three and if he gets it wrong it is only a case of putting it back in a box and sending it off again.

    So can someone please explain to me why a young rechy mech has to put up with so much pressure which is above his rank and not get recognition for it. After all he uses far more man managment and decision making skills yet does not wear a tape for it.

    what is going on here and how can I stop them from signing off when a new boy out of training does not get pinged with half as many shit jobs because he is a Lance jack?
  2. This really is becoming a whinge site, The more you whinge the worse you feel. Techs have been coming out with a tape since my days in the 60s and early 70s but it was never a problem. If a tech was telling a Cfn of the black hand persuasion what to do on a regular basis then whoever was actually in charge of the Cfn would have sorted it pretty bloody quick If I read your post correctly you are responsible for the Recy Mech, if so get a grip of the techs .
  3. Yeah yeah 'course they was. "IN MY DAY" we all used to eat LCPL techs cos we could YAWN, YAWN, fcucking yawn.
  4. Heh. Still. Put the tech on the radio cos he thinks quicker and can relay messages quicker. Plus he can fix the radio if it breaks.

    Then the wee man can get on with his job.

  5. I was not having a go at techs I was having a go at useless section NCOs who don't look out for their own craftsmen but obviously with your attitude it's easier to gob off than to see the sense behind the post.
  6. What if it was a 19 year old 2Lt? Would you have a problem then? We all enter the Careers Office and take the same tests.

    How many Recy Mechs do you know who chose their trade because "that's what they wanted to do" and not because "that's what they were offered"? Not many I doubt!!

    Life is hard, decisions on promotion are made for us in the REME. If you are uncomfortable with the decisions being made then I would suggest you use this forum to encourage all potential REME recruits to become Techs and not Recy Mechs!!!
  7. swamp-rat.... yet to see a tech fix anything without swapping all boxes available.
    pot aussie..... the corp needs rechmech's, it has an abundance of half wit techs. we can always send a rech mech on an equipment cse if we become short of tech's.
    silly suntan..... answer give them some valuable recovery work, as with experience comes competance, pride and self worth.......
  8. As an ex tech I personally had nothin but respect for blackhanders, don't know whether this was cos I grew up with a dad who had a garage but I know they got me out the shit a few times and the favours were always returned usually in liquid form !! The post is correct so many young techs come out power pissed and think why should "I ! " sweep that up when theres a crafty there, little did they realise til later that just idly holding a broom was one of the best skives known to any wksp (Engineering hygiene F.O.D all that) . Im sure the battle will always rage on.
    As far as Im aware techs get a tape to substantiate the pay band, and to be fair many even as a class 3/2 could earn a shiite more in civvy street so its a dangly carrot. I ask tho could a VM/VE/Reccy Mech earn as much with the same standard of living?
    Just searched the AA website and this is what they say for a Roadside Technician.

    Inside M25 (£26,996) Within the SE (£25,062) Nationwide (£24,385)

    I would be only guessing thats better than what Her Maj is paying???
  9. Craftsmanx your post indicates that a technician couldn't possibly tell a mechanic what to do correctly. Thats why I bit, its a boring, old argument that technicians come out the factory inept and power crazed. I

    'm actually at Arborfield now and am the final miltary technical instructor the lads and lasses get before they finish their training. They get taught necessary skills for life in the field force including how to act as a JNCO.

    Silly_suntan remember that the technicians in the field don't dicatate repair policy, thats done much higher up. If techs are told to box change then thats what they'll do but remeber that they have been taught to repair to a better standard than that or anyone would get through SEAE.
  10. Are you familiar with the "Cat Duet"
    The term "lads and lasses" says a lot
  11. No im afraid im not
  12. Do all techs get a stripe automatically when they leave the factory now.

    They didn't in the '80's, I was one who left without a stripe [good techy/box-changer - shite at lying/digging holes in the ground, imho] & my life was made hell until I proved myself & earned me tape.

    Sparky8, laffing here;
    Please, my aching sides. 99% of the ones I met came out as the big 'I am', quite a few learnt the hard way from tankie tprs or l/cpls,unfortunately :D

    No, this isn't sour grapes either
  13. As a Section Comd (duty Hugger), as ive been called, its not always the case that Tech's leave automatically with a tape. They are continually assesed at all levels both military and trade. It kills me to say it but thats the truth ! I, by the way am an artisan trade. I fully understand how trade groups such as Reccy Mechs somtimes dont feel there worth, but there are people out there who apreiciate us artisans!
  14. Tech lancejacks used to p1ss me off big style with their I'm better than you attitudes. When I made full screw and became block NCO at QRIH the first thing I did was to split up the 4 tech LCpls who shared a room and placed 3 Cfn with each of them. They were then given a Block job to oversee with 3 different Cfn and took the sh1t that came if the block wasn't up to standard and if a Cfn was on leave I'd oversee the job and have the LCpl cleaning. It made sense to me and appeared to work.

    As for keeping Recy Mechs amused, bury a challenger in some deep sh1t, that'll keep them amused for hours...