How can i get military records about me without the big fight in 2012

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Armymed, Jan 22, 2012.

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  1. There is not many ways to explain the changes the forces have gone through, and i do not expect people to recognise the problems people have because of the changes, as the people with problems are the only ones who recognise what needs to be fixed.

    :excited:(Like Me):nod:my brief story is that i was invited to the Royal Marines to participate in courses. in the long run i got awards and certificates.

    whilst i was over sea's people took the medals and certificates and gave them back to people in the army/Royal Marines, all i had to do is get them back. i needed a lawyer to help.
    the second time people went to court to try and deprive me of the medals and certificates,
    either way, now in 2012 every time i try to contact people or lawyers they tell me that they can not help me. the only people who helped me in the first place i meet online. now in 2012 i am searching for people who can get military records, as people are more then ready to ignore the records in my name and refuse to give them to me because they find it fun to deprive me of medals and certificates, plus they are female and men in the army get all kinds of favors of the women .

    if you think this is pethetic let me know. maybe you can help me get back the records of awards and certificates i gained within the Royal Marines and the army,

    long story short, if i knew people they would help as they had done, now in 2012 i do not know people so i do not get help to maintain the medals and certificates i got whilst in the Royal Marines ...

    it would be good to get your support :judge:
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  3. Any chance of repeating that in English?
  4. What medals did you earn then? Who and why were they taken from you? Are you an RSS feed?
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  7. SANE Australia
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  9. I think this one goes straight to starlight.
  10. Armymed: Ignore this lot, it's the early hours of the morning and they're just looking for some entertainment.

    Your first post isn't very clear, maybe it's too brief, maybe you're trying to unload everything too quickly.

    Start at the beginning, say who you joined and when, how you came to be awarded the certificates and medals and why someone took them off you. The court case element is also confusing. Please explain. I note that you're in Sydney. Does moving to Australia have something to do with it?
  11. On your head be it.
  12. I am verily confused. You say that you earned these medallions and certificates, but people took them from you and gave them back to the Army. Why did you let them do this? What are you going on about females and stuff for?
  13. Are you sure it is covered in chocolate? Is it not gravy?
  14. No, it's chocolate you can tell by the way the second hand sweeps.
  15. Even trying to read the OT over and breaking it down, does not make sense. 'Gave back', 'army/Royal Marines' - I dunno, even not written in squaddie jargon et al, and don't start me on the grammar FFS!

    Nope, definitely sus.