how can i check if this guy is walting?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by boristhepict, Jul 2, 2008.

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  1. This guy has not actually written (typed you know what i mean) anything saying he is ex-RM ... but he has mentioned verbally to me that he is.

    He reckons (typed) that he is mates with half of "442 Commando" i'm presuming fat fingers and he means 42 but he goes on to say "at condor in Arbroath".

    Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't 45 in Arbroath?

    Anyways he's said some other rubbish to me that i KNOW is arse, which has given me to believe that he is talking an enormous pile of steaming tripe.

    Is there any questions i can ask to nail him???

    Any help greatfully received, I should mention that (saddly) I'm not nor have been in the services so i can't check form the inside as it were.

    Cheers Boris.
  2. Ask him his service number. He should be able to recite it quickfire-stylee.

    If he hesitates, you've exposed him!
  3. My bold

    Dont mean to be a penis, but if you've never been in like you say, then how do you Know he is talking arse?
    Enlighten the esteemed arrsers on what kind of shite he is talking, they will probably then be able to help you further :D
  4. Ask him if he did his basic at Deal, if he says yes, then hes a walting bandsman.
  5. Have a look for his RM Dagger tattoo.

    Or does he like to dress in birds clothes?
  6. what about a post on RumRation, for the bootnecks to confirm?

  7. Kick the crap out of him. If you wake up surrounded by specialists, chances are he's the real deal.
  8. Reasnoble question.

    He reckons that he has a spas 12 with "6+1" on a shotgun ticket for "if foxes get in with the livestock"

    I'm qualified as a firearms examiner,worked as one to until my contract was not renewed when funding was redirected to more useful DNA type dark arts. So i know that that is certainly a section 1 breach and possibly a section 5 as well (need to hands on to confirm). So either talking arse, or is a very naughty boy.
  9. he'd have to be a few years old could have got a spas on a shotgun certificate and forgotten to hand it in probably hundreds of dodgy pumps around the place.
    he if wants or owns a spas he's walty everyone knows them use remingtons :twisted:
  10. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Get the ugliest bird you can and get her to parade in front of him, if he tries to bag it, he's the real deal.

    When was this guy supposed to be in?

    A quick web-recce will confirm units and locations and op deployments, a CO's name is easily found, "was your CO Col Jenkins?"
  11. If he's RM his service number will start with two letters and end with one and Pm me with how many numbers he has in between.
  12. Ask him what the nearest boozer to bickleigh is
  13. Challenge him to a "warm man-beer" drinking competition dressed only in flip-flops and a S10. If he accepts, he's a L1 A1 Booty.
  14. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    You may read between the lines with this:

  15. Fecking hell, my productivity........what little there is, went down considerably reading that lot

    Is he solid, does he wear a big watch, that should just abot cover it
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