How butch are you? Eh?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by puzzledgrunt, Jan 24, 2008.

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  1. Despite having skidmarked my living room wall (even MDN was impressed), I stand ready to be upstaged by even more titanic displays of Heedless Masculinity.

    Go on, do your worst! :D

    45 minutes til opening time... :wink:
  2. I cut down a tree this morning....

    "With an axe"

    ...... Oh come on thats pure Man-ness!
  3. I lifted up a car... word of a lie.. forget the make now.. I think it was something along the lines of.. M.. Ma.. Match.. Matchbox? :lol:
  4. WITH AN AXE????
  5. a proper chopper

    I can see this thread in the hole quicker than a quick thing.
  7. Who uses an axe these days

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  8. I once killed something and cooked it for my family.

    OK, it was a potato, but it still counts. Me man, me breadwinner.
  9. I'm Dutch, I've got a stache. Now sod of, the lot of ye!
  10. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Cyclists and Triathletes

    At dinner the other night, I ordered a bottle of the house red without asking what it was.

    Butcher than Chuck Norris in a lumberjack shirt on his way to the steel-mill, me.
  11. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    And a rather gay tash, and your accent when you speak English? Well, let's be honest, it sounds a bit homosexual doesn't it? I wouldn't use the word MAN when talking about Dutch blerks. No offense intended.

    Now ME? I have been at work all week, and haven't shaved since Sunday. I now look like George Michael after a smack binge - but not as gay.
  12. A MAN. Thats who.

    Cutting down trees with a chainsaw is no more manly than getting a mechanic to fix your car. A MANs solution to a "strange knocking sound coming from the front end," would be to remove the whole engine, using only a penkife (Macgyver style) stripping it down to its component parts on top of the freezer in the kitchen and then putting the whole thing back together again, leaving one piece out because it doesn't fit anywhere and can't possibly be of any practical use. :?

    With the engine back in 2 pieces (one engine minus the one nut/bolt/...) and back in the car said MAN would then go on to put all his greasy oiled up clothes into the washing machine (Without actually switching it on) which then goes on to become unservicable because of all the grease and oil clogging up the filters. (or some such b*llocks) This result is the missus getting a shiny new washing machine because the MAN insists he can fix it and proceeds to take it apart using nothing but his trusty penknife. It IS fixed, it IS meant to make that noise, however if you want a new one you can have one dear... 8O

    Man-ness is'nt measured in the jobs he gets done, rather the manner in which they get done. apart from blowing a tree up/or gnawing through it, felling a tree with an axe is considered Uber-manly. Good skills B_C


    edited for mong-spulling
  13. I use one of those chain saw thingis but as a pioneer I don't start the motor when in use. :threaten: How butch is that?
  14. Yeh, I've seen your sort. You've got the plaid shirt and the jeans with no arrse in them. Combined with the mirrored 'Gay-Ban's' and the leather cap you look like an extra from Brokeback mountain...

    Rather pretty I must say. But off course you know the line by Joe Jackson, don't you? "All the Gays are macho, can't you see the leather shine?"

    Edited to add: Now, using the term MAN to describe Dutch women, THAT makes sense.
  15. I put together some flat pack without reading the instructions