How British Are You?


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In fairness Ugly, that was not immediately apparent from your post.



That is why I didnt bite, I hope I didnt come across all snarlly I've been up early all week!
White African from Natal old boy - not called the Last Outpost of the Empire for nothing - or as some might say "More English than the Fucking English"

Pity about your rugby team though....


White African from the 'Vaal, of distant porridge wog/bog trotter provenance.


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That is why I didnt bite, I hope I didnt come across all snarlly I've been up early all week!
No you didn't.

Makes two of us. 0430 this morning for me (and similar for most of last week). I shall be glad to see my bed at some point this afternoon.


yes lets off both of them!
I like your style ugly. Finally, a decent MOD. Cheers.


That seems to be the problem. The test was set out by the Guardian, so it is not about what the British should know, more about what the left wing elite think we should know.
If the test had been set by the daily wail it would look more like this.

Q1 Theperson we want most to enter the houses of parliament is,
A. Tony Blair.
B. David Cameron.
C. Nick Clegg.
D. Guy Fawkes.

Q2 InBritain we drive,
A. On the left.
B. On the right.
C. Too quickly.
D. Everywhere.

Q3 WinstonChurchill was,
A. A black civil rights leader.
B. An insurance salesman.
C. A great statesman and world leader.
D. A little Englander Europhobe.

Q4 Ourfavourite meal is,
A. Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding.
B. Pies, pies and more pies.
C. Vinderloo, vinderloo, vinderloovinderloo nah nah.
D. Quiche.

Q5 A Britishsoldier is,
A. A drunken thug.
B. The finest in the world.
C. A rarity on ARRSE these days.
D. All of the above.

Q6 Englandis,
A. A green and pleasant land.
B. A scroungers paradise.
C. A complete shite hole.
D. A province of France.

Q7 The Welshnational sport is,
A. Rugby.
B. Sheep molesting.
C. Complaining about the English.
D. Complaining about their dole cheque.

Q8 TheScottish national pastime is,
A. Getting drunk.
B. Fighting.
C. Hating the English.
D. Getting drunk, then fighting thehated English.

Q9 AnEnglishman’s home is,
A. His castle.
B. A shithole.
C. In Wales.
D. Owned by the council.

Q 10 A Welshman’shome is,
A. A castle.
B. A cave.
C. A hovel.
D. Owned by the English.

If it was run by the sun it would be.
Q1 Do you like birds with big tits.
A. Yes.
This was brilliant! However, may I add that the Sun's question would have taken up half the page and it would have used illustrations/photos in the answer section, as their "readership" cannot be expected to decipher that much text.

P.S. I got 10/15, but my bum was saved by the history/literature questions and some sheer luck.

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