How Britain ruined the world.

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Tazzers, Mar 20, 2007.

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  1. Well if were going to do the time... we may as well do the crime.. Second Empire anyone?
  2. This is an objectionable of journalism, right from the start. Britain, or more precisely England is to blame for significantly more than half the world's problems.
  3. I think this is quite funny, there must have been a few things he missed in his book. I mean there was supposedly a few Brits in the 7th cavalry when those pesky injuns defeated them at the Little Big Horn so thats got to be our fault hasn't it? the sinking of the Titanic has obviously led to wholesale dumping of waste into the seas? And didn't we invent the bicycle that led to the wright brothers biulding areoplanes (they had a bicyle repair shop) so if we hadn't of done that, no-one could of flown aircraft into the twin towers.....or did we invent skyscapers?
  4. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    It's been done before, but can't find the link.
  5. Oh yes please! Count me in.
  6. Well, we did ruin the world.

    We stopped running it.
  7. I heard the shining wit that wrote this drivel on Today a couple of weeks ago. Apparently its our fault that everyone hates Americans: the Iraq conflict has got up everyone's nose - our fault for 'inventing' Iraq in the 1920s!
  8. Me too! Then we can get that pesky lost colony back too and really teach them about cruelty!

    Hopefully this book will sink without trace - but if not then I think we can expect some serious scapegoating emerging in US popular thinking. Another good reason for keeping Trident!
  9. The thing we did wrong was in allowing the Empire to big dismantled. We ran all those third world crap holes with order and they worked. Now for instance Africa is just on big usless shithole run by people little better ability than school dinner monitors.
  10. He's got a website calling for something like a $400 trillion dollar compensation package to be paid to all victims of British imperialism. Sadly, demonstrating that he is definitely an 'amateur historian', quite a bit of the claim stretches back to before there was a Britain, let alone an empire...

    The thread about his website is here
  11. $400 trillion dollar compensation package? Well it would be far cheaper just to take back what is rightfully ours, enslave the respective populations. (Males to the armament factories or cannon fodder units / Females to the field brothels or cannon fodder units)

    Economically we could do very well because the costs of weaponry would be offset by the natural resources we would plunder.

    Obviously anyone who resisted would be dealt with by our shiny new orbital weapons platform.

    Imagine it... a world where everyone drives on the left and no one speaks French..
  12. Tis not objectionable at all! And if there's money goin', can I (we) hold out our hand(s) as well? After all, the Brits have occupied Ireland for something like 800 years, and they also nicked all our scoff during the Tatty Blight.

    I feel a bout of litigation coming on. :plotting: :plotting: :plotting: