How Britain can respect our Servicemen and women!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by TheBigUn, Feb 12, 2008.

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  1. From the Torygraph online..........

    Taken from the article:
    The power of uniform............

    An interesting article indeed by Allan Mallinson and interesting comments by readers.
  2. He includes a mention of the OTCs:
    but, in the case I witnessed, it was a student body that organised the freshers fair and placed the ban on the OTC. All that happened was that the OTC set up their Light Gun outside the entrance, nabbed everyone that looked vaguely interested and came away with a record bag of potential recruits.

    Served the self-important, lentil-scoffing, right-on twats right.
  3. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    That's about right, the freshers fairs are organised by the Students Union, not the University. It was an arguement over eiligibility to join for LGB types. We were banned at Southampton as well, but did a similar move and parked a 4 tonner and landy outside and recruited there.

    Next year the MOD changed the rules to allow 'differently sexually attracted' persons into the forces so we were allowed back in, although they did stick us next to the LGB stand..!!!

  4. Im suprised he even knows what an OTC is..
  5. I remember walking into the fresher's fair 15 years ago and the first thing I saw was the fittest blonde I'd ever seen, in uniform, directing people to the OTC stand. I've always wondered if she was a ringer.
  6. When I was at uni I remember an urban myth about an OTC being banned from the freshers fayre by all the lefty LGB types. All the OTC bods joined the LGB society and threatened to vote them out of existence in perpetuity if they didn't let them back in.

    Made me chuckle!
  7. At one Uni the OTC turned up at the AGM en masse and voted through ammendments banning the LGB :)
  8. I think you would be surprised how many people in civvi strasse have actually been in the OTC in their Uni days.
  9. You can't deny he has a point though. As much as I personally would be highly embarressed by applauds in airports and I would refuse a first class seat given up by another paying customer.

    I would like to see the government set the example by showing pride in their armed forces. By all means a bit more cash in the bank is nice, and a discounted days out with the family is spiffing. However I think the real gestures would be re-opening a military hospital. Offering better schemes for service leavers to get "Good - well paid" jobs.

    An Infantry Senior NCO is a manager of 20+ people. Some business owners have much less than that and no experience in administrating their workers out of office hours.

    An RMP has a good working knowledge of enforcing laws (Mil/Civ different but similar).

    A CMT 1 should be able to pretty much walk into a Paramedics job (Obviously after testing). Instead of the current grief a friend of mine is having.

    There are many more examples but I wont harp on!
  10. I think Brigadier Mallinson is quite likely to know what an OTC is. I am more surprised that as a Lighty officer he knows what a "uniform" is...

    (chinstrap, check, OHP check, 58 pattern mug with brew, check...INCOMING!)
  11. Damn your eyes Sir, damn your eyes! :wink:
  12. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    An illustration of the whole UK vs US respect thing...

    Checking out the MOD discounts site the other day, numerous US theme parks etc give free entrance (via a dedicated military entrance) to serving military plus three dependants.

    Uk? 5% off.
  13. untallguy

    untallguy Old-Salt Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Having been on the receiving end of this (at a US airport), it is both embarassing and gratifying at the same time! The thought of it taking place in a UK airport makes my head hurt - I just don't see it taking place.
  14. Could just imagine a McDonalds manager sorting out the admin in the back of the kitchen whilst carrying a 10% reserve of Big Macs, Fries and Shakes!!! :p
  15. The Americans have respect for their troops as, generally, they have a strong sense of patriotism and the fact they are the global good guys.

    The sense of patriotism and 'britishness' in this country is slowly dying off with the flow of controlled (ha!) immigration. Walk through a UK airport in green kit? Most likely outcome would be some bearded lefty telling you to get changed in case you offend the other passengers! :x