How bone is your Suffragette?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BONNACON, Jun 1, 2013.

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  1. Epson Derby 1913. Non running dozy mare Emily Davison tries to pin a rosette on the kings horse and gets Darwined for her trouble.
    Hero or zero?
  2. Not the smartest of plans, was it? Although to be fair she achieved her aim if it's troubling you 100 years later.
  3. We had one set fire to the Racecourse, £2k worth of damage (at the time). They had a bit of a hard on (?) for setting fire to stuff, apparently they set fire to the post boxes in town.

    They also tried to blow up Burns' Cottage, a fine example of female logic there, 'Let's destroy an important part of the area's and the country's heritage because we're ugly cunts.'

    I hope the King's Horse didn't hurt its feet as it trampled the bint.
  4. Your right it is troubling me 100 years later. Wouldn't it be horrible if Jenny Murry jenni murry.jpg or Julie Birchell julie_burchill-chicki-eyes-lovely-skin-young-stunning-lips-hot-babe-before-after_thumb_585x795.jpg tried to do the same during the British grand prix on THE 30TH OF JUNE. THAT'S THIS J U N E. Tickets still available from £65quid get in early to be at the front near the track!
    That would be a terrible blow to the feminist movement.
  5. But fucking hilarious for the rest of us. :)
  6. 1913 eh, Shouldn't this be in current affairs?
  7. Zero. The King's horse was leading at the time. I can remember my history teacher at school telling us about this, his sympathy was entirely with the King who had missed a probable winner. He was also of the view that women should never have been given the vote or allowed to sit in parliament. A view he made plain to a pupil whose mother was an MP.
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  8. Ah, first time I'd seen a photo of Jenni Murray - explains a lot about that hate fest of all things male that is 'Woman's' Hour'
  9. I had a tenner on that horse the dozy cow
  10. Albeit resulting in a total write off for any of the cars that came into direct contact with the chubbers.
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  11. I guess 'Wimmin's Hour' is Mumsnet for the Blind.
  12. A closer analogy would be the Truck GP, shirley?
  13. Are you suggesting that Emily woke up on that fateful morning and thought to herself:

    No doubt she will now be spinning with delight in her grave.
  14. So it owes you then?

    Have a word with Patrick Kennedy. (CEO. Paddy Power.)

    I understand he's a fair man.*

    * I don't mean one of those 'fair men' who steal your bird, after they've defied gravity/centrifuge by walking around the wurlitzer, the pikey cunts.
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  15. It's plausible, you must admit.