how bone is your missus.

Why do so many servicemen marry nurses? Plan B in case you get ill?

Herself got me drunk and the next thing I knew I woke up married with three kids and a mortgage.
I used to teach driving to friend's kids. Not ab initio stuff, but more a real road users guide, as opposed to the rote nonsense needed to pass the local test.
It amazed me how many of them had no idea of how a clutch actually works, or gears, or or or.
Had a few conversations along the lines of "why did you do that?"
"Because the instructor told us to"
Yep, the "do" not the "why you should do"

Welcome to the world of automation in aviation. No idea why things are done, just hit buttons until it does more or less what you hope it will do.

Most kiddie pilots, when presented with a curve ball, go head down and start frantically hitting buttons instead of just going to raw data and flying the phucqueing aircraft.
Your wife or DiL? :)

And to add the
Unintentional ambiguity. My beloved tells me we are closer than atoms bound into an impenetrable fortress. Well, I think that's what she said.... As to the DiL, my sparing you the pics was an act of human charity on my part.....


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The question, shirley, is "Why do so many nurses marry squaddies?"
Because squaddies* are usually strong enough to carry the Rubenesque beauties over the threshold.

*With the obvious exceptions such as the All Girls Corps
The question, shirley, is "Why do so many nurses marry squaddies?"
Possibly the same reason nurses often marry cops, they know what it's like dealing with changes to routine at the drop of a hat and dealing with emergencies at bad times of the day.
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Had to go to Hythe today. She came along. Saw the red flags flying. She knows why they are there.
"The sea didn't look that rough did it"? I ignored it and took another swig of coffee.

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