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How bloody will this summer be?

Sadly this morning another soldier, from 2 Rifles, has died.

British forces seem to be losing at least a soldier a day and it doesn't look like it will get better. We will be looking at a 200+ deathtoll at the end of the summer?

I am aware this is a macabre topic.
Terry's not getting better at fighting, he tries not to take us on in a battle if he can help it, he will usually go for "softer" targets like the ANA or ANP, he is however, getting quite good at the IED side of things, which is where we are losing our guys. Unfortunately, as Iraq has now "shut down" for us, there is a lot of knowledge making its way across the borders.....
Werewolf said:
harareboy99 said:
Werewolf said:
tropper66 said:
Very sad but true
Seconded. Terry seems to be getting "better"... :evil: :x
or desperate?

i.e. most of the deaths seems to be from explosions/suicide bombers rather than shootings?
Unfortunately, not a problem for Terry; there is a steady re-supply of Jihadis from Pakistan etc. :evil:
And that is the key battleground. When ISAF can completely close the porous afpak border then things will most likely ease up and the Taliban will find operating far more difficult. It is their main supply route without it they'll suffer. Hopefully the current rate of British deaths won't carry on at its present rate.
Didn't this happen in NI when the terrorists realised they couldn't match the British Army in a firefight so decided to bomb the place to sh1t instead?

Posted on another thread....

This link makes for macabre reading, but useful perhaps from a stats point of view.

Death toll break down

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