How bloody much!!


£250k!!!! I remember reading an article several months ago where a (very) junior doctor was actually complaning that in his first and current position he earnt £43k and did nothing more that take douments from a-to-b. My wife works for the NHS and tells me that the new doctors contracts are a load of aarse where they gave many doctors huge pay rises to do jobs that they were already doing!!
The question is though...........are they worth that much?
Wife's a communty nurse and recently they brought a locom consultant in from Sth Africa who done it every now and again to top up his pension......nice work if you can get it :eek: with his paid flights/digs ect must add up tp a tidy little sum
the rich get richer........................while we all struggle on as per :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
For a public servant to earn that much is a bloody disgrace and totally unjustifiable. No disrespect to GPs, but in my experience, they arent even particularly proficent. I have friends and family members who have had major health problems overlooked by GPs, I even had a GP tell me that I could fix my boxers nose by using a nasal spray :roll: when in reality, I had to have my airpassages drilled through and cauterised. I'm not sure what type of spray she had in mind, sulphuric acid presumably.
Has anyone asked themselves how much the Military Drs earn?

+ Private work (Consultant level)

It might shock you somewhat
gado said:
Has anyone asked themselves how much the Military Drs earn?

+ Private work (Consultant level)

It might shock you somewhat
Around the 60-70k mark I should imagine, which is fine, plus their private work, which is their business and again is fine. Surely a 100k ceiling is not unreasonable.
Its also worth noting, that military doctors are undeniably better than their civvy counterparts.
GP's are not part of the NHS (i've just covered this on a course which is how I know) they form partnerships and get paid by the NHS under the new GMS contract for the NHS work they perform. They get more money for the more services they provide, or reduced rates depending on what they fail to perform, like an 'out of hours service' (which looses them £3000 per Doctor in the surgery)
As they are a partnership, how much they get paid depends on what they decide (collectively) to take from the Surgery coffers.
The NHS doesn't pay for the set up of the surgery, so they have to fund that themselves.

Don't get me wrong, I still think its an obscene amount, especially when you consider that many of the services provided in a surgery are being done by nursing and admin staff.
The civi doctor who carries out medicals on recruits for our TA unit charges £70 per medical he's also now come out with an excuse for not turning up to the TAC and carrying them out there. So now they have to go down to were his surgery is and have them done in between his normal patients ....nice little earner but bollox to seeing them on time cash is king :x
Instead of one doctor on £250k why not three doctors on £80K? Then we will not have 10 minutes per appointment where all you get is asked if everything is okay and fobbed off with a prescription and told to come back in two weeks.
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