How bloody cold is it in the Sgts Mess Abingdon!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by smudge055, Nov 27, 2009.

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  1. Not that I'm whinging but what the fuck is going on down here :? With the heating now been off for two weeks even the brass monkeys have fucked off along with the polar bears complaining it's bloody warmer in the North Pole!!! By the way did I mention there's also been no hot water for two weeks as well, no, well I have now!!!
  2. Put another jumper on then :roll:
  3. Bet you a tenner its not as cold as the mess up here in Catterick!
  4. Why is your QM trying to get his MBE as well by saving the Army a few quid by turning the heating off!!!
  5. Viz TOPTIP.
    Frustrate your QMs efforts at obtaining an MBE by implementing obscene heating curfews; by setting fire to all the furniture in the mess.

    Why don't you complain... complain again. and then keep complaining until the heating is turned on?

    You could also get Environmental Health in to confirm the temp is excessively low.
  6. Don't go in there then
  7. Maybe it's a cheap way to do Arctic training?
  8. Spend some cash you tight-fisted get,POLO MINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. snco,s are faggots in this day and age! :roll:
  10. In your accomadation ,does the room go dark when you shut the door , if so you may be sleeping in the fridge !!!
  11. Cuddle up, buddy buddy like.
  12. Well, now they know how the junior ranks live don't they?
  13. Open the windows and let some heat in - simple.
  14. 15 degree Fahrenheit , no it's Celsius.

    Fuck it 8 Kelvin.
  15. Don't you mean 266.666666667mils?