How Blair and Brown betrayed our troops - Serialisation in the Sunday Telegraph

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by bobthedog, Sep 4, 2010.

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  1. Discredited how?
  2. It's bait, he can't defend Blair/Brown so he attacks Dannatt instead.

    Puerile at best, Ashie is normally better than this.
  3. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    yeah, because brown and blair's reputations have been SOOOOOO enhanced lately havent they?
  4. Ashie; fancy a holiday in Switzerland?

    I'll pay for a all-expenses paid luxury trip for you to the land of toblerone and clocks; fantastic resort. 5 star accommodation. Welcome fondue in your room. Place is called Dignitas. You'd like it.

  5. Ill happily book a seat behind him on the flight just to fluff his pillow for him if it sweetens the deal.
  6. I've not heard too much about our Future Rapid Effects System for a while. How is it progessing nowadays? Is there any truth that The Top Brass held out for FRES,

    General says Army nearly 'seized up' with too many missions - Home News, UK - The Independent

    Treasury threatens to cut £35bn of defence projects - Times Online

    The Army could be the biggest loser as the Treasury is thought to be unhappy with Future Rapid Effects System (FRES), a £14 billion project for up to 3,000 armoured vehicles. The Treasury is understood to favour buying a replacement off the shelf, possibly from a US company, rather than have the UK develop its own.

    I did my own sums, and I reckon that is about
    £4 666 666.67 per Wagon.

    Call me Mr Stupid, but I think that is a bit expensive, perhaps we could buy something cheaper made by our EU partners, hopefully they will have an ex government minister on board, who could advise them about The MODS need to be seen to be doing something, and provide a vehicle that's slightly better/slightly worse than a Snatch.
  7. The only discredited ones are Blair and Brown, Dannatt is not working for the government (Tory or otherwise) and is perfectly entitled to write his memoirs after a long and distinguished career.

    Ashie why not **** off back under that stone you crawled out from under, tosser!
  8. And now Balls has piped in. Can anybody correct his figures or if correct bring them into reality? Im reading that as 11% over 13 years!

    BBC News - Ex-army chief Dannatt criticises Blair and Brown
  9. Didn't Brown himself admit that due to inflation the defence budget had not increased majorly in any real terms? Kinda blows Ed Balls statement out of the water.
  10. Sounds like everybody has a book to plug nowadays. We all know what a shower of shit Labour were, so why the **** do we need to be constantly reminded of the fact. Let's just wait and see what the current incumbents have in store. Pound to a pinch of shit that there'll be just as much, if not more, moaning after October. Politicians? *****, one and all.
  11. :applaud::applaud::applaud::applaud:
  12. From the Mail: Pressure mounts on Brown to return to the Chilcot inquiry after admitting defence cash WAS cut

    The budget did rise in real (cash) terms over the entirety of the Labour Government but it had to because of the operational commitments. However Ed Balls is talking arse by saying that the increase was after inflation. That is not true as he well knows, hence his qualifying "I think". Brown Mk. 2.
  13. Actually, a considerable percentage of the voting population doesn't know what a shower of poo the New Labour gang, or their successors, the New New Labour bunch were and are; people who read the Guardian would actually prefer one of those creatures currently scratching for the 'leadership' of the party to any Conservative or Liberal PM. Astonishing, really.

    However, I do believe that Dannatt is about to have his reputation comprehensively trashed, unless he can gear up to defend himself as he has never done before. There are more spinners out there searching for the right words to do him down than ever there were when he made the mistake of jumping into bed with the Tories prematurely.