How big is your penis......?

As a response to the 'Most weight bench pressed' thread, i thought i'd ask what I percieved to be the underlying question there.

If I'm on the lash, mine's at least this [hands shoulder width apart] big. Otherwise it's a less donkey-like but still respectable 8in. Ish.
I remember the rumour at school that the measurement should begin from the arrsehole, so everyone was pleased to be discussing double-digit tools the next day.
How big is your penis...big enough to play 5 finger tunes on the bugle!!!!!
only 3 inches.....from the fooking floor!


Mine’s only 2 inches long, I’m still wondering why the ladies don’t laugh at me.
It’s either something to do with the skill I wield it with or the 12inch blade I use for foreplay.
Only 4 inches. But some women don't like them that wide...
'Kin 'ell, Goku, no wonder you're so angry mate :D
Not that big but I've a massive turtle head with a 4skin like a poloneck jumper, however, I can fill a pram with it - LOL.


P.S. - Oh and my other name is Tripod.
I was chatting up a girl in the pub - the signals were all green. The classic routine - I'm sure you are thinking what I am thinking sort of talk. Then she quite blatantly said that unless it was 12 inches she wasn't interested. Well, I couldn't believe it. Promptly told her that I wasn't cutting two inches off for anyone.


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I dunno. How tall is Blair?


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Must be transexual. He is a prick too.

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