How big does it get?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by army_of_1, Jan 11, 2005.

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  1. For the big man:

    What is the Army coming to when we need to supply uniform in that size? I know combat 95 is made in small sizes for ACF etc but does anyone how far the sizes go up to at the other end of the scale? Has anyone actually seen someone in uniform who needs that size? I hope whoever end up with that particular pair of goretex bottoms isn't an infantryman. Just out of twisted curiosity, I'd love to see them doing the BFT.

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  2. I was wondering who had nicked my Combats from the drying room a few years back!!
  3. The biggest and smallest sizes they go up to are 'custom' for most all uniform. I have (I think, still) the largest size of field jacket which is 190/120 - not that I fill it!

    It seems that whoever these were meant for didn't get to wear them - or could have been demonstrations of a capability to make them big.

    We had a WO a few years ago - known as 'Wedge'. They had to split the arse seams of his dpm trousers & sew a wedge of fabric in there to fit his gut. Nasty.
  4. The grey beret that goes with these trousers will be auctioned seperately....

  5. Surely anyone that size would be rejected on recruitment? Or, are there a few 7 ft tall plus soldiers?

    60 inch waist? Isn't over 40 inch, unless on a tall man, considered obese?
  6. As one of the larger members of the community I can say with some confidence that anyone filling those would be rejected at recruitment.

    However if they managed to shed about half their waist size for a week or two they'd get in.

    i.e if you can get yer bmi low enough to scrape it when you're actually measured what happens afterwards is... negotiable.
  7. One of the goretex salesmen used to be a frequent visitor to military units and liked cabbying around in vehicles or on weapons etc. He was usually asked if he had any buckshee jackets or trousers. As a rep he had to have samples, with him (stands to reason) and he generously offered whatever he had in the car to the enquirer...however, being a tightfisted sort of bloke, he only carried outrageously large or small sizes. :roll:
  8. There was a cadet at Sandhurst about 1998/99 who was so tall, that the longest trousers only came halfway down his calves. He had an extra foot of trouser leg chopped off of another pair of strides and grafted on. I'm sure the camp tailor did the best he could, but the effect was still hugely comical.
  9. Ref the trousers......

    They are made by Thatchreed / Webtex - They make them in sizes 28" - 52" then they are given a "fake" NSN Number (Same number as issue trousers.....?????)

    Made of Poly Cotton, and will normally fall to bits the first time you walk out of your bad space.

    Why do they make them, well the company selling them on Ebay also has a page in the Cadet Force Magazine and sells them for approx £49.99 in the Largest sizes! This is a MASSIVE markup

    In the Cadet Forces you do tend to get some "larger" sizes.........

    Why do they call them Soldier 2000 Trousers - Well they have extra padding in the knees and seat area.

    Hope that helps :)
  10. Funny, so do the users....
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  13. Anyone know about that guy whos 7"4 and who won't fit in his box with his bearskin on? Perhaps thats the 98/99 guy again? why don't they make his bearskin shorter? He had to have a special bed if i remember rightly.
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