How big are your Balls?

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Whilst posting in the Shaven Fanny thread I used an image of some teticularly challenged eunuch of Google, this did set me thinking and had a quick straw poll at work about how big is Average?
Seems (and I thought most were joking at fisrt) that bollocks the size of a couple of dobbers are the norm!

"so how big are yours?" was the question, er the size of large hens eggs I replied to suggestions of fuck off, nope I whipped em out and it seems I am buster gonads love child with my unfeasibly large testicles.

So how big are yours, or Dinger, were they?
I've got big hairy ones.

I know because I sat on the photocopier and did some bum prints and you could clearly see my tessers and their whiskers hovering above the glass smiling.

I'm 44.


i don't know how they fair to be honest. I've never weighed them.

I did go on the piss with some RAF pilot (slow machines, not jets) that could do the most amazing puppetry with his.

One minute we were talking at the bar, the next he had his fingers and thumbs in his trousers and produced an amazing windsurf made out of his finely stretched ball bag.

Most impressive. His talents knew no bounds.


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to quote most of you at one time or another - "this thread is nothing without pics" :biggrin:
knew a VM who had a stretchy nutsack. he would be chatting to a lass at the bar while rummaging in his kecks, then he would bring his pods up to his chin, all red and shiney, and as the beads of sweat burst out onto his brow he would say to the lucky lass "not bad, eh?"
they generally left in horrified disgust.
mine? never weighed them, and i'm not about to for you, oddball!!


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If i posted a pic of my tits - all of you would show you have no balls and none would man up enough to flash yours too - of course if youre man enough ..........
Fucking massive.
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