How best to install new OS on W2k pro laptop?

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by 4(T), Aug 4, 2007.

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  1. I have a Dell d620 laptop that is currently installed with a corporate build of Windows 2000 that requires "administrator" to amend most of the settings on it.

    [Yes, it was issued to me by a previous employer. Although technically still their property, they are overseas and have indicated that they are not about to make arrangements to come and collect it. As its cluttering up my house, I might as well get some use out of it until someone turns up to claim it.]

    I'd quite like to re-install it with Windows XP, but of course do not have any OEM disks with the d620 drivers, etc.

    If I go out and buy a retail copy of XP, will it:

    (a) install straight over the existing W2K;

    (b) load enough drivers to be able to get the laptop in workable condition to the point where I can download stuff - ie booted up/ display on/ keyboard and mouse working/ LAN port working?

    (I assume that, if the laptop can get online, I'll be able to download any missing drivers from Dell.)

    Alternatively, is there (c) a way of bypassing or switching off the (absent) administrator controls?
  2. If it's still their property then really you shouldn't be changing the OS or resetting the admin password but that's boring:
    Reset the admin password with Password reset bootdisk Only snag is if the BIOS won't allow bootdisks in which case you need to reset the BIOS or lookup the default password BIOS passwords

    You could install XP and it should give you enough of a basic environment to begin getting the drivers from dell. In my experience laptops need a lot of drivers when doing it this way.
  3. Hi please find the url for your laptop driver download page below
  4. Be more specific as to what is "controlled". Logins? Installing applications?

    If you were to do a "Fresh" install, (Getting rid of 2000, Re-Formatting C:)
    There would be nothing left of the administative controls, Unless any are hardware based.

  5. msr

    msr LE

    Have a look at the underside of the laptop. There should be a licence stuck on it. The D620 is a relatively new model an should come with a Windows XP OEM licence.

    If this is the case, drop me a PM.

  6. As an idea...

    I would take the HDD out as it is with the operating system intact etc and put a new larger drive in, (cheap as chips these days) then load up with a new clean XP OS.

    Oh and do the memory as well.

    Advantage? if and when they do get a bit iffy on getting their toy back you can just drop the old drive back in with their OS, Programmes and Passwords intact and you get to keep all your data etc on your drive.

    Drivers and stuff should be easy to find on the web from Dell, they may even send you a recovery disk if you ask nicely ..... You might even find the 2k OS is on the original HDD in a hidden partition?
  7. Now that would indeed be a neat solution that, as you say, could allow me to restore the original build if they ever reclaim the machine.
  8. msr

    msr LE

    And don't bother with removing the memory. It won't help.

  9. Eh? who's removing memory? .... put more in to give XP a kick up the arrse.....
  10. That laptop should have 1GB of RAM, more than enough for XP. It has 2 RAM slots, so if you're adding memory, make sure it's exactly the same spec as that already fitted. If not, you may have to remove the original to prevent a memory mismatch error. The system will boot and run in many cases, but will be unstable.

    As MSR says, just replacing the RAM won't remove any of the Win2K "fingerprint", as it's not part of it.

    Anyway, laptops - just fcuking don't. A pain in the arse to fix (unless you've hands like an action man), easy to steal, easy to damage, many parts non standard architecture and pricey. Unless you absolutely MUST carry your computer about with you, get a better desktop system for less money.
  11. But as you've got this system for free, as it were, do the HDD swap - Never occured to me, but it's so bloody simple and obvious! If you're not comfortable doing it yourself and you're in Wiltshire/Hampshire area, Valiant Computing in Andover Portway Industrial Estate are extremely good computer techies.

    And get more RAM because it's not expensive (use and it does improve system performance.
  12. Thanks to all who advised and helped out; it worked like a dream:

    1. bought new HDD for about £40;

    2. installed XP (it didn't even ask for a key, so perhaps the OEM one was firmware'd on the laptop somewhere);

    3. download/ re-install drivers;

    Works perfectly. Replace old HDD, and old o/s boots straight back up.