How badly is a 2:2 going to affect my application?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by arrseholed, Mar 1, 2013.

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  1. Don't want to go into details, but suffice it to say I've been shafted by my university more times than a whore on the pull.

    Anyway, result is that I'm coming out having retaken a year, with a ******* 2:2. A couple percent away from a 2:1, but still a ******* 2:2.

    Bit of a letdown...

    Anyway, how is this going to affect my application? Will I be instantly relegated to mong status or are they open to explanations and a strong performance?

    Long term what are the ramifications?

    Thank you.
  2. Nil, unless it's a degree in Film and Media Studies from a former Polytechnic. Even then, nil. You have an honours degree. What matters after that is how you do at your selection board.

    I've got an engineering degree; after a couple of years of experience in the wonderful world of work, no-one cared what class it was. After a few more years, no-one cares that you even have a degree. I work at a site that advertises "firsts and 2:1 only", where about a third of the engineers have a Ph.D - and I most certainly don't fit either bill. What I did have was fifteen years of demonstrated track record on my CV...
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  3. **** all - they won't even mention it. If they do ask, just say you worked hard and that you enjoyed the course. The army don't give a shit if you are a genius.
  4. I came name a pair of mongs in my Regt that don't even have Hons and that has mattered not one **** to their careers to date.
  5. yeah i blamed my uni as well for my shit maths. until i improved and my wining stopped! what? i'm just being honest!
    (just kidding. they can shaft you. we trained for an exam, the wrong one they suddenly realised after we'd spent months on it... and we all had two days left to learn a new syllabus. total mess by them.)

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    A 2:2 won't harm you but making lame excuses and blaming everyone else for it almost certainly will.
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  7. Get over it! Say you were drinking beer, playing rugby and shagging birds. You don't even need to have a degree! As long as you impress at AOSB you should be OK.

    FFs advice is very sound. Whatever happened, I bet there were people on your course that got 2:1s and higher and who endured similar "shaftings" from the Uni. Therefore making excuses, however valid, just makes you look like someone who can't take responsibility for your own actions and failings. You have a sportsman's degree, so as long as you are a sportsman, you will be fine.

    I also got a desmond but I was not shafted by the Uni, I was too busy shafting a couple of tasty young freshers in the run up to the exams. Hasn't done me any harm apart from a recurring rash!


  8. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    It will probably have no effect on your application, unless you do poorly in the mental aptitude tests. Candidates with 1sts and 2:1s can be given a little latitude when their 'intellectual potential' is rated if they've done poorly in the MAP, 2:2s and below don't qualify.

  9. Shouldn't be a lazy ****. Blaming the University for your **** ups is a stupidity in itself. Everyone will know that you didn't put the effort in and as such are a lazy **** as I already stated. Go and whine elsewhere.
  10. Shit maths? Clearly it wasn't English either.
  11. Personal responsibility, it is you who did not achieve level you wanted, don't blame others.

    You got a 2:2 well done be proud.

    Just look at the news, Prince Harry is a Officer who is Apache helicopter co-pilot gunner, and he has only got 11 GCSEs, two A-levels (art B, geography D).

    I am sure being a HRH did not do Harry any harm in his Officer ambitions, but they don't generally put the incapable in Apaches.

    You have the paper qualifications, it is now about you as a person proving you have the ability.

    Good luck
  12. A 2:2 used to be the sure sign of someone who played a full part in the fabric of their UOTC...
  13. You haven't just tried to join QRH have you?
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  14. No, the really incapable HRHs get put on Sea Kings.
  15. Gadzooks i wondereth to whom thou dost refer.