How bad will spending cuts get? Take a look at Latvia

Oil_Slick said:
What's that song Liebour used to use?

Oh yes, 'Things can only get better'…

12 years and the economic dustbin beckons for UK PLC.
Don't panic! Don't panic!

The silver lining in the economic cloud bequeathed to us by everybody's favourite bipolar Scotsman is the £200 billion welfare system. It's a clinically obese walrus ripe for radical liposuction from Dave, George and the sharks on the Tory treasury team.

Stopping tax credits for people on £50,000 and child benefit for the affluent would save billions without raising a squeak from Harriet Harman or whoever is leading Labour next year.

Stop giving welfare to new immigrants. As well as saving significant sums, this might dent the rise of the BNP as stories of Afghanis with 8 kids getting £140,000 a year in housing benefit stop appearing in the Mail.

Getting work dodgers off incapacity benefit and on to job seekers allowance would save billions more. Throw in a workfare scheme as operated in America, Germany and Australia and you'll see a drastic drop in the welfare bill as living off benefits stops being a lifestyle choice for millions. A third of our population live off welfare. No country can sustain that.

In addition:-

Scythe, grim reaper style, through the civil service. All those five a day fruit and veg advisers, diversity champions and ceremonial sword carriers will be cheaper to maintain on job seekers than on government pay and pension. I saw an ad recently for a 'carbon footprint reduction manager' on £95k for a hospital on the south coast. As he's a financial genius, you'd think Gordon would realise that just because there are cheques left in the cheque book doesn't mean that there's cash left in the bank.

Go for new versions of the existing Trident subs rather than a completely new design. The old blueprints must be lying around somewhere and this would save around 12 billion.

Introduce a three strikes law and start imprisoning persistent offenders for their whole life. This would save about £30 billion annually at a cost of £3 billion for 100,000 prison places. (Gordon: That's what most people would call investment).

Flog Portcullis House, across the road from Parliament where many MPs have their offices. It's the most expensive office building ever constructed anywhere in the world and it's worth billions. Give the troughing barstewards offices in Whitehall that are freed up by the cull of civil servants.

There we go. Britain's debt problem sorted. Now I need to think up some tasks for Dave on the second day after the election.

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