Now don't get me wrong, they're probably lovely fellas ... what with their funny little fat limbs and heads like a huuuuge potato ... but I accidentally caught an episode of Nip/Tuck the other evening and was a bit disappointed to see that some dwarfy bloke was shagging Joely Richardson !!! This knocks my self-confidence more than a little bit, I can tell you, since I've always considered it to be pretty unlikely that I could tap off with an attractive Hollywood actress no matter how hard I tried. Or is there a little-known fact outside the stumpy-person environment that they are, in fact, disproportionately well-endowed ? ... which would again be raining more blows on my now popodum-fragile confidence. Or is there a lack of male talent currently in the US TV business ?

But a dwarf ?

What are you doing, Joely ? All you have to do is ask me.

Besides, shouldn't he be in a big top ?
Not sure about male midgets, but if it's Bridget the Midget, then the answer is slightly.

I would provide a link, but I'm at work and I think DII might have something to say about midget sex sites.
Only in small doses I would imagine.


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A little sex is better than no sex
Remember never to have sex with an ill educated midget chaps - it isn't big and isn't clever!
And you soon find out the shortcomings.

Wasn't the actor who played 'Mini Me' in a relationship with a porn starlet? Did i read that somewhere or was I being told a tall story?
mini Me = Verne Troyer. To be honest, if that bald oompah loompah is spiking a pornstar then there's no justice in the world....
[nowah]Yes, he also often visited the Playboy mansion. Maybe what MC said in the film is true, and he is like a tri-pod[/nowah]
A wallet bigger than he is perchance? :D
Looks like a case of low expectations.


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A (very funny) series on satellite tv, 'Boston Legal' has recently featured a female of foreshortened proportions in a sex-related role. Due to her height - or lack of it - her head comes just level with the crotch of her leading man. Made her seem strangely attractive.
If it was horse racing, he'd definitely win.

By a short head.
Don't you think that if Mini-Me did gay porn, he'd just look like some kind of weird novelty condom?

Don't know why my head took me there. Slightly scared now.


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I'm not impressed people.

The tone you are taking in this thread is pretty low . . .