How astute for a Politician - IDS strikes again

The Romanians round here are on the big issue gig. Bloody nuisances they are. IDS will do jack all, like he always does about anything.

At same time, its a shame the Romainian BI Sellers cause so much hassle, as the BI vendor who is outside the main department store in town is a bloody nice guy, ex Italian Folgore and he has seen people unwilling to buy from him due to how aggressive the Romainians are in their approach to the public.
Rather than being used as an accusation against BoJo, this does however illustrate how that most principled of politicians, IDS, has once again managed to shoot himself in the foot.

'Iain Duncan Smith is the latest Conservative Eurosceptic MP calling for the Withdrawal Agreement, negotiated at the last minute by Boris Johnson and his adviser David Frost, to be scrapped, thus giving a new twist to the old adage about doing something in haste and repenting at leisure. In his case, having voted in favour of it a few short months ago, he seems to be repenting in haste as well.

Responding to an article in The Sun, the MP for Chingford tweeted:

"To avoid their own budget black hole, the EU gets £39billion as a “divorce payment” from us, reflecting our share of the current EU budget. But it gets worse. Buried in the fine print, unnoticed by many, is the fact we remain hooked into the EU’s loan book. (2/3)"
— Iain Duncan Smith MP (@MPIainDS) August 3, 2020

'He claims that somewhere in the fine print and “unnoticed by many” (i.e. him) is the fact we “remain hooked into the EU’s loan book” for a potential £160bn, four times the divorce bill. The figure was said to come from unnamed “experts” and is for what The Sun describes in inverted commas as loans for “investment projects” across the EU27, some of them said to be “economically fragile.”

ITV’s James Mates drew attention to IDS’s short memory, if not his rank hypocrisy:

"What makes this more extraordinary is that not only did Duncan-Smith not read the Withdrawal Agmt he voted for, he voted in Oct last year to *accelerate* consideration of the Billto just 3 days. Those who voted for more time, so MPs could read the ‘small print’ were chucked out."
— James Mates (@jamesmatesitv) August 3, 2020

''Now video footage of Mr Duncan Smith from the House of Commons in December 2019 has emerged where he declares he would support “without question of a doubt” not only the WA itself but also the programme motion curtailing debate where the “fine print” could have been examined in detail.

'At the time he said, “if there was anything about this arrangement that we have not now debated, thrashed to death, I would love to know what it is.”

'We now know the answer to his question. It’s the commitment to honour our obligations to the European Investment Bank and the apparent potential for a massive additional bill.'

The more I see IBS the more I believe he has some rather serious mental health issues.

"Don't underestimate the quiet man", even Max Plancke would find it difficult not to.

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