How are TA soldiers looked upon by Regs?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Timecop1980, Sep 16, 2011.

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  1. Hi all,

    Hope I've got right section this time if not apologies!

    My question is: how are TA soldiers looked upon and viewed by regular soldiers and how well are they accepted?
  2. With deep regard and reverance.
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  3. Where are they all coming from? Kids are back at school.
  4. HHH

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  5. You know when it's a really bone thread because even the sock puppets don't join in to rip the OP a new one.
  6. I understand that most regular soldiers are respectful of our educational qualifications, and the prodigious skills we are able to acquire over 27 days.
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  7. I'll risk it and give you a serious answer before the fun starts. In my experience (as a regular) if you take pride in your appearance and personal fitness and you put the effort into your training and get good at whatever trade you choose then you should get along alright if/when you get attached to a regular unit.

    Of course you'll always get the stab jokes/banter etc just learn to take it on the chin.
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  8. I mainly view them with my eyes.
  9. My eyes aren't wide enough or have the requisite panoramic zoom to view the fat ***** in one squint.

    The fat *****.
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  10. ask how we view fully fledged civilian's ....especially dole benefit dodging ***** !!!
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    I think there is a full moon tonight.
  12. That'd explain it.
  13. Quite a mixed bag there, some gen answers and some said with some hatred.
    Anyways thanks to all for answering.
  14. Question to desktop:

    What's your response to this meant to mean?
  15. If you are below the age of 30 the TA are alright as you joined at some point after the middle east kicked off and you knew you were going to war. If you are older than that you joined when it was all cushdy and have hung around beiung "enablers" for those below you and despite wearing sgts stripes you havent actually run down a battle lane on an exercise let alone done a tour in role so your probably shit.

    there are a few exceptions but they exist to show the mediocrity of the rest, One that springs to mind arrived at Bn to be met by the OC as an old friend having done more tours than the csm and all of it at the teeth end having dodged the admin roles that plague the regs.