How are people joining army with higher bmi perceived?

I'm 5ft 7 and way 12.7 stone so my bmi says I'm overweight,I would have to be 11 stone to class as normal, by this point I'd look like I'm dying, I have a Waist of 32 inch and I'm around 10% body fat will i fail on this at my medical, I can also run a mile and a half in 10 minutes
For all fat people who think they can't achieve a super physique and endless only takes two things that don't cost you anything but, give you one big thing. The two things required are motivation and dedication and they will give you self respect.

I like SEAL's, call some friends, give to their charity and I have met some stonking athletes who are, or were, SEAL's. But this bloke is in a class of his own, head and shoulders above the rest: Dave Goggins, effectively did selection three times due to injury and is nowadays a successful ultra marathoner. First joined the air farce and put on some weight, got himself fit, applied to the navy for SEAL's and then worked like a b'stard to get himself ultra fit.

He looked like this:

And transformed himself to this, he also holds the record for most pull ups in 24 hours.

He has written a book.

Just put his name into @mazon, google him there is loadsa info on him.

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