How and when did you discover ARRSE?

After reading a CNN story about Juba the Sniper, I did a google search and one of the top sites was this esteemed watering hole for some of the best degenerates I have had the privilege of meeting. This was way back in 2005.

Their opinions were strong, funny yet firm and like it or not, balanced.

As I surpass my second year in this madhouse, I would like to ask, how and when did you decide you liked a little bit of ARRSE in you life?

The responses I have got through the open forums and PMs have been fantastic and I have had the virtual opportunity of hearing voices that the rest of the world never has a chance of listening to - until they choose to believe (consciously or unconsciously) that freedom comes with a price.

When the final chapters of these tremendous events that we have lived through are written, these are the letters from whom a bygone era will give a voice and encourage the next great generation to do the right thing. Just as letters written from the foxholes and the frontlines of past wars give us a voice and a hope now.

ARRSERS, who are you and what made you decide to hang around and raise up your voice above the the thundering din of what is going on around you?
FaceLikeAPingPongBall said:
Shortly after I discovered my elbow....

I'll get my coat...
Please do.

Your coat is the pink one in the corner. Just make sure you don't have any contraband putting you down as you walk out of the room. I am talking about dildos and stuff weighing you down.

C ya when you want t to get seen!!
I found this site by reference of a comment on Michael Yons sites.
I was googling squaddie humour and skiffing. Guess what was the first result?...

I suspect a few others of getting here via the results for 'mong porn'.


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I think it was after hearing about the 'Amarillo' video that crashed the MoD computer system. I googled it and the top 20 gazillion hits were all for ArRSe. The rest is history.
Moodybitch invited me over.
An ex-gunner on another forum posted a link to "Squaddies Trying to Behave Like Proper People". Needless to say, after reading such a brilliant thread as that, I was hooked. I joined when I saw the "Family Military Photos" thread as I had finally found a place where people would actually WANT to see my ancient photos, and give a damn to boot.
ARRSE was mentioned on another military site that I visit, so I had a look and registered.
Wid me t'ickie Oirish fingaz Oi toiped in "Oirish memmbaz in da Britsch Aarmee - 1220 to now, an' lo and behold ARRSE came up!

Which means actually: "Oi can't remember (or: "rimmenba" for the still t'ickes).

Being a 49er i was automatically registered as a Gold Member..
Well, I had just Googled "Tight mens' arrses"...
I was active on another military forum which posted a link in support of Op Nimby, and stuck my head round the door to see what all the fuss was about. I was hooked (or something that sounds similar).


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I was told about as a good weather vane by a mate (this was when I was serving). Joined, got hooked.
Heard about it from one of our Majors who did a two year exchange with a Brit Unit in Suasage Land, so came on, had a look and have loved it ever since. 'Specially all the slagging. :D
Cruised for months and then felt entitled to post when my daughter passed selection - now she's passed Phase One there's no stopping me! Really proud to be part of the British Military Family - but it's hard work talking up our case.
Recomended during Media Ops Training as something we should be very,very,very aware of.(December 2003 when membership was under 1000?)
Washed ashore after the big Brit Invasion of GIJargon and the subsequent demise of that website and LNV...the past ain't what it used to be...

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