How and how often do you train for a CFT??

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Big Avo, Jan 26, 2012.

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  1. Hi all,

    Being in the TA I only seem to do one or two CFT's a year, and that seems to be done without any build up to it.

    Does anyone do any training or preparation for a CFT?

    If so, how and how often??
  2. Try using the search function. And run faster fat boy.
  3. Well, since you know what a CFT involves, how can you not know how to prepare for one?

    Bang some weight in a bergan and off you trot. It's not rocket science. You are the reason that regs think the TA are all mongs.
  4. At the moment (since you asked) Im doing one cft per weekend and Im mixing it up, one weekend its mainly hilly roads and others its wet n wild.
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  5. Every time someone goes for a run, swim, bike ride or whatever, they are preparing themselves for a fitness test. More than a few can do no fitness whatsoever all year round and still pass a CFT. It's a walk with a bit of weight on your back.
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  6. Thank you

  7. I find that the weight on the back is an excellent counter-balance to that on the front and thus I can go for hours with no issues. Just saying is all.
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  8. I'm of the same opinion, though I need at least a 30lb bergen to counterbalance my cock.
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  9. If you need to do specific preparation for a 8 mile walk in 2hrs or for that matter a 1.5 mile run in under 10:30 mins (whatever your age) its time to start thinking: is this TA malarky really for me anymore?!

    People who fail either of these without an underlying medical condition should shoot themselves immediately, that or sign off!
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  10. How do you deal with that ego of yours though?
  11. quick one.. is that an erect penis or a flacid one??
  12. Passing an AFT is all about conditioning, fitness shouldnt be the issue! If you cannot walk at 4mph for an hour and a half you shouldn't be in the TA. You need to condition your back and shoulders by getting used to carrying weight, see posts above for examples. You also need to condition your feet, harden the skin or learn how to apply tape effectively.
  13. I'm sorrry if you read my question you would know that I asked "Does anyone do any training or preparation for a CFT?" you would see that I was asking if anyone specifically trained for a CFT.

    I don't go out tabbing and have never had a problem completing a CFT.
  14. If you are passing why would you need more prep. I am one of the flatter lads and I pass every time.
  15. In answer to your original question then, no I don't train for the CFT specifically I just pitch up with me kit at the appointed time, do 2 hours tabbing, then lie on my pit and wait till either my head or feet explode.
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